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[P] Strange Love by NobleTanu [P] Strange Love by NobleTanu
These cuties are one of my FAVORITE couples that NobleCiel and I have!
Look how cute and strange they are together! AH destroy me!

Leviathan and Samantha are both children of Lucifer. Leviathan being the 2nd of the first three kids, and Sammy the 4th child. They come from different mothers, making them half siblings.

Leviathan never thought love was an option in his life. It was below him, being one of the main three children. But like most people love found him in a strange way. He fell in love with a god child named Mystic, and he fell hard. Though she was with someone else, she still saw him on the side. At first it was just a thing so he could trick her into getting more territory for himself, but slowly he did actually get feelings. Time passed and she ended it with him. Due to his nature and roots the break up did go well and left him in shambles. The great lord of the sea had been betrayed in his first time with love.

While seeing Mystic he also visited his sister more near the ports where her whore house was located. They had grown closer, but Sammy was seeing another man as well. When Leviathan's heart was crushed Sammy tried to help piece him back together. Them both, falling in love again, this time with each other.

These two are perfect for each other with their differences. Samantha and her fashion drama and sassiness,  and Leviathen with his smart ass remarks and jerky attitude. They complement each other well.

Art(c) NobleButlerSebastian
Characters(c) NobleButlerSebastian :heart: NobleCielPhantomhive
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