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Best Friends Forever: HB by NobleTanu Best Friends Forever: HB by NobleTanu
'Best Friends Forever. And All The Way Through. For Theres No Such Thing As A Best Friend, Besides Only You. Through Thick And Through Thin Our Glory Will Last. And Best Friends Will Stand Above All The Rest.'

This Picture is for (if you haven't guessed) :iconleonardotmnt: My Best Friend forever and ever, and ect. I made this for her 16th Birthday. Hope she liked it. X3

But this stands true for as long as i live. I feel like I've never had a best friend like her. And she is my only best friend, because the others i had were fakes. I was abused and hurt by my other so called 'best friends' till she came around and helped me break loose from them. And now we still stand above all the rest, facing what ever tests may come, and sticking it all through.

She is my Best Friend. My Sister. And much, much more.


So This is Vasuka and Shurru holding figures and looking up at the stars as they spell out the words for them. It took me a while to create this, and i'm pleased how it came out.

If you can't read the Stars/words it says: Best Friends Forever



Vasuka: :iconleonardotmnt:
Shurru/ Poem thing: :icondragonchick0339: Me
Anything Naruto related: Kishimoto
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NobleChinchi Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Awww I love it sensei. :hug::glomp: :heart:-huggles- X3

Best friends until the end!!!XD i forgot what i was going to type on here truthfully so i'm just going along with what i said.XD

oh ya and one got vasuka all right but practice on the boots. XD lolz ILY SO MUCH!!!

Oh ya...and how much MORE are we then just sisters?X3 JK JK!!! -huggles- CU at school.
NobleTanu Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009
Lolz! *huggles*


And i can redo that part if you wish.. to fix it up.

Sush! You know what i mean! Not like that XP
NobleChinchi Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Professional Filmographer
it's fine.XD really_hugs_
NobleTanu Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009
ok *huggles*
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November 23, 2009
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