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Advent Calender Commissions! by NobleTanu Advent Calender Commissions! by NobleTanu
Original Journal Here: Advent Calender Slots!
(comment on either to claim!)

I decided to open up Advent Calender Commissions.

What is this?
An advent calender is a calender that counts the days of December till Christmas. Each day of the calender has a little box in it and when it is opened there is a treat inside. So everyday you get a little surprise. 

I will be doing something similar, but with art. 

Calender Options

-25 Days of Christmas: This slot will start Dec. 1st and end Dec. 25th.
It is be $80 for this slot.

-12 Days of Christmas: This slot will start Dec. 12th and end Dec. 25th.
It is $50 for this slot.

Expect a commission from me that costs no less than $5 each day (this mean it could be worth more some days). This would include; line art, chibis, head shots, ect.
Each day will vary on what is given, but each person will receive a similar gift. I plan for Christmas day to be a big gift.


This is artist choice on ALL of these. You will have input of your fav OCs and characters. (see form below)

I am going to make an update area for people who have bought a slot to keep themselves updates.
For example, if for some reason I am not able to give your gift one day I will alert you. DO NOT FRET you gift will come to you I promise. 
If I am nagged about getting your gifts done each day, and I have a lot to do, it wont be fun for me any more. SO the worst case is that you get a late gift, but that means the party just lasts longer!

At the end I will post everyone's Calender for all to see you lovely gifts!

If you request a slot I will send toy a form that will look similar to this:
Fav OCs:
Fav Characters (not OC):
Fav things:
More I need to know:

1. HinataFox790 - 12 Days of Christmas (Unpaid)
(if it becomes high demand I will open more)

25 days of Christmas will close Dec. 1st
12 days of Christmas will close Dec. 12th</b>

If you have any question please feel free to ask!
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