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A new name, new stock, new rules!

As with most stock artists I have a few rules I'd love for you all to follow in hopes that everyone is credited where they deserve to be credited.

A few simple ones:
- Please create something from your heart and soul, do not just take a background or main subject, cut it and paste it. Think about the subjects emotions, feel their feelings and breath their breath.
- Please credit me for the stock used, it's always a pleasure to see that people fallow this rule because it helps others to find myself and other stock artists who put a lot of time and effort to bring you these images
- Please tell me about your art, send me a link to it so I can fave it! I love to see what people create, more and more times than not I have to search through DA to find these images and view them. You all make such wonderful art anyways but it's just nice to see them in my message box.

Other rules:
- I refuse to repeat myself over and over again, NO HORSELAND, PONYLAND, HOWRSE OR ANY OF THOSE SIM TYPE GAMES are allowed to use my stock, I will how ever allow you to use them on any type of RPG or HARPG type games.
- When you credit me, please use either, or bigdeadfish-stock. I'll even accept Chrystina Perry but nothing else.
- If your using the image on Deviantart only then you can just leave a link to the stock in the description instead of on the art.
- If your using the image off Deviantart, like on an RPG site, please place the credits as visible as possible on the image.
- If you spot someone using my stock inappropriately, i.e. they haven't credited, no link in description or they haven't notified me of the use. And you send me a note telling me who used it, a link to the image I will create a headshot image for you on my main account DEAD--HEAD and you must note me there in order to obtain this.
- Please do not repost any of my images as photography and don't use them to creat your own stock, if you something like that please ask first and I'll consider it.

Other stuff:
- I hold the right to ask you to take down your art if you use my stock inapropriately, I will contact Deviantart and demand that it be taken down. Pretty art or not. So please remember this when you use my stock.
-- Being the nice person that I am, I will allow each person two chances to fix their mistake, whatever it may be. Once the two chances are up, your art will be removed. I will contact deviantart and get them to take it down.
- Please enjoy using my stock, if you find that an angle isn't right or perhaps you want a different season for a shot, chances are I can do that. If it's not the right season, please be prepaired to wait.
- My mother has willingly allowed some of her images to be used here. Please do not break her heart by using it improperly. I will take her stock down if I find that this is happening.
- I hold the right to refuse the use of stock by any artist if I deem so.
- Feel free to ask me for a certain pose, location type, animal. If it is within my realm of obtaining I shall do that for you. If I decline to do it, it's because I can't. No hard feelings.
- Seasonal shots are availible and I am willing to try for any types of locations when it comes to seasonal, where I live we get great summer and winter shots so you'll probably see more of those.

Check out my other :gallery:

:iconshyfall: <---- old manip account
:icondead--head: <-- new manip account
:iconperryphotography: photography account

Favourite Visual Artist
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Pinapple Express
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All American Rejects
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allen Poe!
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Family Guy (for Cellphone)
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Horseback Riding & Art of any type


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so there's the journal that explains it all. That's from my main account. So if you've already read it then kudos. Depending on if my dropbox doesn't get filled up in this crazy stash moment you guys might see some stock photos that you've never seen... I honestly don't want to rush the upload on here because I like to go through and pick my stock that I upload before I upload it. But yeah. That's the deal. Right up in that big thing saying Big News. It could get hectic around here xD
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Over on my art account I'm having a 5$ Commission sale! 5$ gets you whatever the heck you want! except wings xD so stop over at :devbigeadfish: and order a commission!
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Decided to stick these all in one journal xD April 2nd 2014: I wasn't able to upload anything on tuesday because we're getting a new computer at work! so I've been spending the last few days finishing up any unfinished manipulations for my main account and getting things organized for the removal of old files so it's easier for the computer guy. All stock uploads are on hold until some time next week, but I promise I'll get some uploaded then! xD HAPPY SPRING EVERY BODY! March 25th 2014: I haven't uploaded anything since the DD I got, thanks again you freakishly awesome people, I saw that in the most respectful way possible xD So I spent
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what the heck are horse and ponyland sims? is a sim's game. 
Most people on these games do not add credits to their art work
this is why I do not allow it. It's basically art theft. 
Sorry this is late but thanks for adding my work to your collection :3
Your very welcome <3