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Hello hello my name is NobleJanobii!

While Deviantart is not my main base of operations (I'm far more active on Twitter), it is the place that serves as a hub for all my comic/ask blog content! The three currently active stories are: Lucky's Travels, Ask Team Lightbringers, and Shaymin Café. Below is their tentative schedule, but keep in mind that since I have a full time job, these sorta update at my leisure. Also since I normally don't have Core, the times may not be exact.

Lucky's Travels updates Sundays at roughly 12 PM EST.

Ask Team Lightbringers updates Saturdays at roughly 12 PM EST.

Shaymin Café updates Fridays at roughly 12 PM EST.

If you're interested in seeing the behind the scenes of any of these, you can see all the WIPs and other bonus content on my Patreon!

Either way thanks again for checking me out, I really appreciate it!

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, and Legally Blonde
Favourite TV Shows
Pokémon (and all its spin offs), ATLA, She-Ra: Princess of Power, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, etc.
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BTS, Imagine Dragons, and just assorted video game music
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The Night Circus
Favourite Games
Pokemon, FNAF
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Nintendo 3DS and Switch
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint, Huion 640P, and Photoshop
Hello everyone! I'm back again, this time with good news! As the doodle above indicates, I've been officially discharged from the hospital and am back home in my new apartment. After two weeks, the doctors have ruled me stable enough to be on my own (mostly) so I'm currently resting and relaxing in somewhere much more comfortable than a hospital. With that said, some general updates! I am hoping to get back to updating Shaymin Café and my other projects soon. I went about two weeks without drawing so I'm currently doing personal artwork to get warmed back up. That said, my current priority is getting my commission queue and Patreon backlog handled since my being sick sorta messed all that up. I can't promise when updates will resume, but I am eager to get back to my blogs and comics again once I can. If you want details as to what all happened and how that'll impact my life going forward, I'll drop the details down below (warning for illness, hospitals, etc.), but I just want to
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Hey all! So as previously mentioned, I've been in the hospital for a bit. I'm feeling a lot better since my last update but I'm still not 100% (I'll spare you the details), but I've taken the time to queue stuff up using Postybirb+. It's mostly a backlog of art I've been meaning to post here but haven't so you'll be getting sorta flooded with art over the next week as I continue to recover and get back drawing again. I swear one day this website will be current with my other social media, haha.
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Sorry for the overall lack of activity. TLDR is that I’ve been very sick lately and am currently in the hospital with pneumonia. It’s not COVID related (they tested), but they’re having to run tests and such to figure out exactly what it is. I still have a backlog of art that I might try to queue up with PostyBird later but for now that’s just a general life update of why I’ve been kinda quiet lately.
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