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Regrets of a Death Eater by noodlerface
015 by coffeeznbean
Narcissa Malfoy by CaptBexx

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The madness in your eyes - Sirius Black by Zayhad
Sirius Black Bjd by Zayhad
I got it! by Zayhad
I'm moving out by Zayhad
HP: to life not eternal by TabeaBD

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Regulus for M3535 by Zayhad
Cygnus and Druella
Battle Arrival by snowyblackrose
-Druella- by AndytheLemon
His Best Lieutenant by nekkuu
Bellamort by nekkuu
Bella by nekkuu
The Cursed Child by nekkuu
Andromeda (Black) Tonks by MadelineSlytherin
Andromeda Tonks by nekkuu
Winter Breath by AndytheLemon
Andromeda by AndytheLemon
Narcissa Malfoy by Erevia
Narcissa Malfoy by nekkuu
Narcissa Malfoy by nekkuu
7th Year Narcissa by AndytheLemon
Family Pictures
The Black Sisters by nekkuu
You pushed me on purpose by Zayhad
Regulus and Sirius Black by Zayhad
The Black Brothers by Maydian
Other Black Family
Arendelle Holiday Party by jackcrowder
Nymphadora Tonks x Spencer Reid  DRAGONCON BOUND by jackcrowder
Spencer Reid x Nymphadora Tonks by jackcrowder
[COMMISSION] Tonks-Reid by AngieParadiseeker
Husbands, Wives and Children
Sanctimonia Vincet Semper by nekkuu

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The Noble & Most Ancient House of Black


This group is dedicated to all works in relation to the Black Family, featured in JK Rowling'S Harry Potter series.

* All deviations are welcome, from fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, etc~

* There is a limitation of 3 submissions a day each.

* The subfolders in our gallery are there to be used as a rough guide, if you happen to have a member of the Black family featured in a deviation (e.g: Marauder, Death Eater, etc), please choose the relevant folder.

* Please respect each other, as the group grows, admins and contributors will be selected.

~ Toujours pur

Information & Recs:

Black Family Tree -… (probably inaccurate, but hey)
Hi guys!

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone contributing to the group! We've had brilliant responses and our member count increases daily, so thank youuuu.

I also just wanted to take the chance to apologise for my massive inactivity, I've just started university and am in general quite busy. I am accepting your submissions whenever I can and scoping out some fantastic artwork.

In the meantime, ~JuliaWeasley will be your first port of call for anything if I am unavailable, she has limited access to things on the group but any burning inquiries can be dealt with if needed.

That's it really!

Hope you're all enjoying the autumn and thanks again!

~ kakaheishi.
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