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The Force Awakens

The trailer today got me so excited that I decided to bust out this poster in one afternoon. 

Photoshop CS5 - 5 hours

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Hi - you should submit this to the official fan art competition at
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Admittedly, I would think it more practical than Maul's, as greatly as he used it and badass as it is.  The crossguard is nice for blocking some hits, you know?

Need to get more into Star Wars myself, I hate them for canceling 1313, but I kinda really wanna see this.
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This dude could be Revan, if the word Force in "The force Awakens" refers to him. Great job again btw!
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Well Revan is one of my favorite SW characters, so I can only hope. Really nice poster, Noble 6.
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That lightsaber looks ridiculous
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Kinda like a claymore or other great sword. 
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This turned out really amazing.  I am wondering on who this new Sith is.
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Darth Revan maybe? Some of the supposedly "leaked" art shows this guy from the front and he looks similar to Revan
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