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Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night

By Noble--6
Inspired by Interstellar by Christopher Nolan 

Photoshop CC/CS5  -  30 hours 

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© 2014 - 2021 Noble--6
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NOOOOO not this movie! NOT THE FEELS!!
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Now, I previously called some of your work 'outstanding', but this one is just heavenly.
It beautifully shows the power of Gargantua, AND features Miller's (I srsl wouldn't mind moving there).
Noble--6's avatar
Thank you so much - I appreciate the kind words! 
AlexanderChrom's avatar
You're welcome! ^w^
Love your art, and the movie.
schattenimspiegel's avatar
this is absolutly amazing... god im jealous
enjoy my shitty englishAwesome Face, Doctor Style 
can i buy a poster version of this?
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sporegod's avatar
wow i wish i was this good XD sadly the youtube video is gone wanted to watch 
SpyroLord's avatar
I love that movie so much. Digitally made? I don't have the patience to watch one of my games load, never mind doing digital designing on this scale. You have persistence and patience, and I admire that.
Noble--6's avatar
Yes, this was all digitally painted in Photoshop. Thanks! 
SteerpikeOFFICIAL's avatar
This has more of a Super Mario Galaxy theme to it, IMO.
StarkitecktDesigns's avatar
Great take on this epic scene! A couple small critiques: the black hole's warping of space will make the surrounding stars look like spaghetti, and there won't be any visible within the accretion disk.
Noble--6's avatar
Likewise!  Thank you for the feedback - I never considered that at all when I was making it - uploaded an updated version
SheilaCalhoun's avatar
._. t-this was digitally done... I don't have that stamina...
Noble--6's avatar
I underestimated how long it would take...
SheilaCalhoun's avatar
:000000 It looks really really good! 
Awesome work!  :headbang:
I-Phillip's avatar
What a beautiful work of art, truly inspiring :D
Noble--6's avatar
Thank you very much! 
StormCitadel's avatar
So realistic! Looks like a real scene from the movie!!
Noble--6's avatar
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