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Clickbait... but no so much.

Time to look at some stats... no judgment, just numbers (roughly).

When I see all the possible ways people can use to support my work -Paypal, Patreon, Gumroad, Cubebrush- when I look at all the downloads, be it on Deviantart, Gumroad, Cubebrush, ShareCg & OpenGameArt, it makes me think I should drop the full free asset making.

All of them (the last 6month): between +1k to 10k of downloads (would require days of data compilation to get a precise number, even for just 6 months), multiple messages (which is always a pleasure)

DA, ShareCG, OpenGameArt: lots of comments, $0 of donation/support

Cubebrush & Gumroad: some likes, no comments, $0 of donation/support

On Patreon: 52 patrons, $99 of donation/support this month (before 30% of fees/share for Patreon)

Paypal: eventually 1 donation per year

I remain naïve and idealistic but facts don't help me right now. ^^;


Well firstly first, thanks to my patrons for all their support.

Next, I seriously think I should drop the free assets making BUT not in order to make expensive ones, I think I'll just set them to $1+ instead of $0+.
It might sounds ridiculous but $1 represent more than some might think.
Lots of artists on Patreons say $1 pledges are as valuable as the bigger pledges and it's not embarassing or pointless.

It's not greediness, numbers just show me that I can't naïvely rely on people's generosity to keep working on free assets.

And about my paid assets on Unity's & UE4 assetstores, they don't represent a minimum wage in my country (before taxes ; taxes are nearly 23%).
I havent posted new paid assets for a long time. To be honest it's very annoying to make them. The versioning (of UE4) is a pain and the pressure of making good sells just gives me serious anxiety.
Plus doing the same actions (keyboard, mouse) over and over and over and over and over again drive you crazy.
That's why I focused on free asset and people's generosity (theoric).

It won't be retroactive ; it will only concern the new assets.

I guess I said everything.


PS: I have no idea how much people who follow me are still active and how much of them will read this. ^^;

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I'll stop doing free assets ! by Yughues, journal