On the Cover - of your sketchbook, that is.
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When first I saw this piece by WhiteRaven90 --> Nine-tailed Fox by WhiteRaven90 I was floored by the amount of detail and her exquisite patterning.  I was even more amazed when I discovered that it was drawn on the cover of her exercise book for school! :jawdrop:

Which set me wondering, is this a common occurrence?  Do other artists adorn their sketchbooks in this way? I quickly searched dA.

The results were staggering, and ranged from simple pencil sketches to full-blown bookbinding overhauls.

The variety to be found is inspiring:

Simple and sweet
:thumb100463253: .Red Sketchbook - Cover. by sofa0ne :thumb136511822:

Animals - both real and fictional
:thumb69076428: :thumb69354657: Sketchbook - Cover by Reowyn :thumb39549761:
Back Cover 2006 by omgdragonfly :thumb96655646: :thumb112166746:

Logos and Symbols
:thumb108991077: Winged Wolf Sketchbook Cover by lemonfruitpie My Sketchbook by CountUchiha Sketch cover by TigrisTheLynx
Sketchbook cover o5 by Blackmane

Pencil, Pen & Ink, Sharpie Marker, and Monotone
:thumb129206870: Spaceship Sketchbook by SaraSchool :thumb137713662: Sketchbook - cover by PaintedJewel Brown Sketchbook Cover by Kon-stant :thumb19053244: :thumb121383738: Sketchbook-Back Cover by death-departed New Sketchbook - Cover by Luthien-Lossehelin Sketchbook Cover by lilWhiteRaven :thumb102459587: Sketchbook: Cover page by nattoons wip sketchbook cover by edds-bestfriend

Bold and In Your Face
Back Cover to New Sketchbook by smygba Whoa . . . O_O

:thumb92572878: My New Sketchbook by AriusShadow

Collages, Layered and Mixed Media
Sketchbook Cover by cancerprophecy Sketchbook cover by ncpenguinlover :thumb7721516: :thumb105448474: sketchbook cover by Figure-of-speech Sketchbook Cover by ThestralRider Sketchbook 1 - Cover by vampireheartagram27 Alice In Wonderland Sketchbook by dawhiterabit48

Ancient Cultures
sketchbook cover - back by bornbruised

Fan-Art Related
Scar Sketchbook by paxxx :thumb119508044: sketchybook cover by strayspoon42 :thumb112236939:

Creatures of Fantasy and Mythology
Whitepage SKetchbook Cover 05 by Silenced-Dreams Sketchbook Cover: Mermaids by kissedbyfyre Faerie Sketchbook Cover by beatnik

Sculpture, Carving, and 3D - these are just so cool!
Mushroom Log Book by sunhawk Sketchbook back cover by MandarinMoon

Words and Warnings
SKETCHBOOK2009 cove by voln :thumb86062014: :thumb75870845: Sketchbook cover by imaginarium
Sketchbook Contents by ProjectGRUDGE Sketchbook cover by Niruno <-- I often feel this way about my own sketchbook. XD

Completely Made From Scratch, and Bookbinding Makeovers
My Personal Sketchbook by Grizzelnit Sketchbook Cover by MusicalDinotron My Sketchbook Cover by SackofWetRabbits
Riveted Sketchbook by ajazzydancer

Miscellaneous . . . I wasn't really sure what category to put these in. :/
Sketchbook cover by bhakri Book Cover by Fatmalovestodraw Sketchbook Painted Cover by TwilightsKitsune :thumb49247325: :thumb110837147: <-- This cover was actually made from a T-shirt. Check it out!

Ingenious - I think these are probably my favorites.  So imaginative! :love:
My sketchbook by rhythmrobot my sketchbook cover by aflyingsuitcase Sketchbook cover modification. by Love-and-mascara Cover: Battle of the Pencil by Evanescere Sketchbook Cover by Plotholetsi

. . . And this is just scratching the surface.  There are thousands more!

So, how do you customize your sketchbook?
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Meeka-LakotaStudent Traditional Artist
What a wonderful collections. Funny that I found this today I just finished painting my sketchbook.
Figure-of-speech's avatar
Figure-of-speechStudent Traditional Artist
Thanks for the feature! Unfortunately, the cover ended up getting torn and destroyed.
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Thank you for the feature I am lucky to have even made this list of very talented artists. I really should come here more often and create more to share. Beautiful/amazing work everyone!
kuroneko52's avatar
Wow! Thanks for featuring my sketchy's cover. I really appreciate it.
MusicalDinotron's avatar
Hahahaha, mine has lime green penises all over it.
Fatmalovestodraw's avatar
FatmalovestodrawProfessional General Artist
Beautiful article.
Thank you for featuring me; I'm honored :)
nobells43fish's avatar
Awww thanks! :blushes:

And you're very welcome! :hug:
TwilightsKitsune's avatar
Wow. Awesome feature! And thanks for featuring mine!
nobells43fish's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
It was my pleasure! :aww:
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ajazzydancerProfessional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for featuring me. I keep all my notes for my jewelry classes in that book. You should decorate your own too, it really makes it more personal.
nobells43fish's avatar
You're quite welcome! :hug:

And you're absolutely right! I really should embellish my own sketchbook in some way.
The only question that remains is: How shall I do it?
Hmmmmmm . . . . :plotting:
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ajazzydancerProfessional Artisan Crafter
my assignment was to do something about me, so I'd do whatever you're passionate about.
(ex: I love jewelry and snowflakes, so I made a metal snowflake)
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EnnaiStudent Digital Artist
All the sketchbooks look amazing, and I feel honored to see mine up there. <3 Like I said, I can't thank you enough.
nobells43fish's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug:
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MandarinMoonHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow, this is so cool! Thank you so much for including my sketch book. :) I'm inspired to try new things now!
nobells43fish's avatar
You're welcome! :aww:

I, also, have been inspired to decorate my sketchbook cover.
But, GOSH!! There are so many different options!!! :wow:
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nattoonsStudent Digital Artist
thank you so much for the feature! it really brightened up my day!
nobells43fish's avatar
Aww, you're welcome! :aww:
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sunhawkProfessional Artisan Crafter
Thanks so much for the feature, this collection is great! :D
nobells43fish's avatar
You're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed the article! :aww:
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that's all i can say... wow!!!

thank you! thank you whoever did this so very much!
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You're very welcome! :aww:
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TigrisTheLynxHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Thanks for having my sketchbook featured here, I am honored! ^_^

I also did another one that i seemed to have forgotten to post at DA. :) So here's another one for you. [link]
nobells43fish's avatar
You're quite welcome! :aww:

Oh wow, I really like the look of your second sketchbook, too! :wow: I'm actually thinking about doing a Part 2 of this article. If I'm able to, I will most definitely feature it, as well. Thank you so much!
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