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Yongary vs Pulgasari

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A print for G-Fest. 
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MicshorkHobbyist General Artist

South Korea vs. North Korea

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Epic!!!! :D

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The battle for Korea! 🇰🇷 🇰🇵

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This is a match-up I would like to see on film! 🐉 🐉

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Flemen-The-Pemen-2Hobbyist Writer
Oh my god, this is beautiful.
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DinoDilophoHobbyist General Artist
daaamn, dude! this is mindblowing!
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ImdaBatmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
cut to Godzilla & co., King Kong, Gamera all eating popcorn and watching this
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Japanfan89Student Writer
Awesome fight between the North's and the South's Godzilla knock-offs!

Would love to see it as an actual film (set in modern Korea that is)!
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KingGhidra78Hobbyist General Artist
Or seeing how they would fair against the king himself.

I.E. Not Ghidorah, Caesar or Kong.
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PatricktheHenchmanHobbyist General Artist
Yongary vs Pulgasari: Battle of the Korean Godzilla Knock-Offs!
I love it!
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2 Korean Kaiju! I love it!
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NhymnSymphonyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wonder if anyone gets that while the attack of the more physically capable monster being that it resembles more of a humanoid rather then some mutated monster. 

Well... now that we got that one out of the way.

You can clearly see the fire breather has got some irrefutable game changer coming out of that mouth.

Pulgasari is going to have one nasty scar across it's body. And no way to doctor it.
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North (Pulgasari) vs South (Yongary)
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The North would be routing for Yongary to win, and the South would be routing for Pulgasari to win.
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It’s funny because yongary was actually created by a kidnapped South Korean filmmaker and the movie actually was a metaphor for the folly of North Korea’s  government 
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Japanfan89Student Writer
You mean Pulgasari was created that way!

Yongary was made back in the late 1960s by South Korea on their own terms.
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Must’ve got them mixed up, my bad 
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Japanfan89Student Writer
Not your fault, with the way they look, it's hard to tell if they're from either the North or the South!
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ArchiCrash Traditional Artist
Heh.  Looks like the situation has advanced beyond dancing and itching powder...

(Its funny to see epic art like this and then remember how silly the original Yongary movie was.)
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MicshorkHobbyist General Artist
North vs South

Amazing Work
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The people in bottom have rite idea . those two may destroy it all
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Yongary vs. Pulgasari ! 
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Second Korean War with kaijus. Now that's a scary thought...
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Cool to see a battle between these two, although at the same time I'd like to see an alliance as well.
In either case, awesome artwork. Well done. :D
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