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Monster X to Keizer Ghidorah Lifecycle

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Is there a place I can go to see this at a higher quality? Its so blury

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Why wasn't this in my favorites? I love the creativity behind this redesign!

I'm not entirely sure what animal type you've based Keizer Ghidorah's body off. Too lanky to be a lion, so perhaps a cheetah? Nah, a guy like him seems more likely to use sheer power rather than speed. Longer front limbs than back limbs? I always thought that was a giraffe thing. But they're herbivores, and therefore not suited to kicking ass at all!
I'm not very familiar with dogs...
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Well you're probably right about the Giraffe comparison
he's an alien after all

And for your information
Kicking ass is what giraffe do
Not what I meant. They fight BACK when attacked. You're not gonna see a giraffe say/think 'Imma kick this guy's ass cuz I feel like it" and then go beat the crap out of somebody. Ghidorah's ALL ABOUT doing that.
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Yeah but still, alien biology
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I'm weirded out.
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I never thought of that.
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So in this iteration...Monster X is some kind of worm-thing?
More like a cobra.
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Ooh! This is a very fascinating concept! :wow:
It reminds me of Godzilla's metamorphosis in Shin Godzilla (2016).

I'd love to see Ghidorah's lifecycle explored in a Godzilla movie! :D
Oh! Oh my Lord almighty! Please, PLEASE say you will be at the next G-Fest! I fucking want ALL of your stuff! ALL OF IT!!!
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That is Interesting! :o
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Interesting take on Keizer Ghidorah!
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Cool...I think? Unfortunately it's super small, can't really see the deets.
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are we sure this isn't part Xenomorph?

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I hope you will do hedorah life cycle

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I like these evolutionary forms :).
Excellent work ;).
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