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Jet Jaguar

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JJ kneeling
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Gritty reboot of Jet Jaguar should have been something to expect, but for some reason I wasn't.
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[Terminator music starts playing]
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Jit jogwur da coolest

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I love Jet Jaguar, the way I want Monsterverse to handle him if they decided to do more after Kong vs Godzilla... I want Jet Jaguar to be an ancient construct found in south america, that is mystical in nature, that is made out of jet and jetblack stone with more jaugar like details...

A Jaguar made of Jet... a Jet Jaguar if ypu will.

Gotta keep that smile though
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He'd just be King Ceaser then
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haha yeah XD  good point, but it still works I think!

Plus other cool stuff can be done with the King Ceaser!
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King Ceased could actually be a biological creature in the legendary Monsterverse

He could have Pangolin line scales and when in dormancy he was mistaken for a giant statue
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Mistaking him for a statue would be super interesting.
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Give him a pineal eye that shoots lasers and he'd be a formidable opponent
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That is some freaking amazing work of, honestly, my favorite Godzilla allie.
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Awesome work, Larry!

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Killer pose and take on him!
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This looks awesome. Reminds me of the old Godzilla t.v. series I used to watch on Saturday mornings in wonder when I was a kid. Your work is amazing and has left me speechless.
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It's awesome to see someone give some love to a kaiju mech that seems left out of all the action in Godzilla. Brilliant work!😁
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That's so cool. I like how Jet Jaguar can change his shape.

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One of my favorite Godzilla characters.
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"He jock it made of steel. Eat sushi from a pail!"
Seriously, this is awesome!
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This is now my favorite thing you've done, by far.
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A perfect update of JJ's classic design! Well done! :D
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Wow you made Jet Jaguar look like a bad ass.
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