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Godzilla vs King Ghidorah

I wanted to put my Ghidorah in an action scene... soooo here it is!
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Awesome movie
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Ghidorah looks cool. I like how his skin looks like a suit of kingly armor. 
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This is just stunning. You know I think the greatest thing about Ghidorah is how he is the complete opposite of Godzilla. Balance and chaos, Light and Dark, God and Devil The true incursion of the Yin and Yang. Locked in an eternal war, yet one cannot exists without the other. As much as they hate each other in a way they need each other.
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Uhhh this looks so epic! Makes me watching old Godzilla movies - again La la la la Woohooooo! 
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Ghidorah: Godzilla, my greatest rival! It is time for us to du-
Godzilla: YYYYGYYYEeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAHHHHHH BOOOOOOoooooooiiiiiii
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Kaijus are always ready to rumble, aren't they? Fake Godzilla is ready to battle Icon 
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u wanna 1v1 me mate?????????
Sharkwoman87's avatar
No way. I'm just a adorer of the Kaiju. :D
I never wanted to pick up a fight with you. I'm very sorry if it sounds like that. :)
XenoXyvern's avatar
That’s what I thot! (For the record I was just 🙃)
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Merry Christmas!
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Ghidorah: I have conquered planets! I have left galaxies in ruins! Who are you to challenge me?

Godzilla: I'm the one who'll break you.

Ghidorah: Then it's time for you to learn who is the TRUE king around here.

Godzilla: What is a king to a god?
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I can't wait for this showdown!
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you know in the new movie i think id be fine with Ghidorah useing wing his wings like a bat
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Ghidorah: Godzilla, you pathetic lizard! Why do you fight for humanity? They're nothing to us kaiju. You could stomp on them like the insects they are!!!
Godzilla: They're special, Ghidorah. They can do things that no other species can.
Ghidorah: You're a 600-foot-tall megalizard. You are superior to them!! And yet you continue to serve them as nothing more than a pet!!! They don't deserve to control you!! They're not your master! YOU are THEIRS!!!
Godzilla: I am NOT their servant, nor their pet. I am their guardian, their protector.
Ghidorah: What's the difference?
Godzilla: Let me show you!!!!
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Ghidorah: *Gets ready to fire his beams*
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I thought king ghidorah had 2 tails! lol
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Absolutely wonderful!! Infinite props! A fantastic scene!
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Incredible and badas picture :wow:
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