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Portia Jones was a big girl. A very big girl. She hadn't always been so big, she started high school as such a skinny little thing but her body began to change when she hit puberty. As she began to fill out develop curves, she also developed an insatiable appetite. It was around this time she began to get an inkling of what was to become of her, her first suspicions that there might be something wrong. She got these well… cravings. When they struck her she just HAD to eat. Her mind would be clouded with images of tasty fattening food and it would drive her crazy until she ate something. And when she ate it was as much as she could for as long as she could. She thought these craving were strange at first and she did her best to try and control them but as she grew older they grew stronger and stronger until eventually she was powerless to stop them. Over time she grew used to them and began to indulge her greedy appetite more and more often.

While most teenage girls had been discovering boys, Portia only had one love affair and that was with food, and lots of it. So over time she grew, and grew, and grew until by the time she graduated she was the fattest girl in her class by several dress sizes. Portia's mother had tried everything to get her daughter lose weight but as soon as her back was turned Portia would be stuffing a Mars bar into her chubby cheeks, or devouring a cheeseburger. When no one was around she would gorge herself in her room with as much food as she could get her chubby little hands on. While most girls her age were fantasizing over their dream guys, Portia was busy stuffing herself to the brim with junk food. To her it was better than sex. But that was only the beginning.

It was when Portia had moved out of home that her gluttony really took flight. Living off a rather large trust fund, now finally free to eat what and whenever she wanted her body truly began to balloon. Fat was an understatement. Her big round stomach rested on thick round thighs, boobs the size of watermelons. Her arms and legs were bold clumps of flab and fat. After only a few weeks of living on her own all of her plus sized dresses were getting a little too snug. She had thought that appeasing her appetite might eventually curb her insatiable hunger but if anything it seemed that the more she ate, the more food she craved to fill herself up with.

It was around this time that Portia once again began to consider the possibility that there might be something wrong with her. She eyed her stomach suspiciously. She felt out of control. A slave to her belly. But oh god the food! You could not call the poor girl unhappy, she loved her lifestyle. She ate five to six meals a day and snacked in between. Some days she'd eat nothing but her favourite deserts for breakfast lunch and tea. Cakes, pies, chips, éclairs, ice-cream, chocolate. Every night she would fall asleep bursting at the gills, full of her favourite indulgent treats. She'd dream of eating all night long and every morning she'd wake up a little fatter with a seemingly bigger appetite than the one she had yesterday. She accepted her gluttony as a vice but she'd grown so used to it that the thought of trying to cut back always seemed like such an unpleasant alternative.

Something was happening to Portia. She was only vaguely aware because it had happened to her so gradually at first, but as time went on she seemed to be gaining weight at an increasingly alarming rate. It was taking over her life. Her already huge appetite was growing steadily every day. Every week she seemed to need new clothes. The most alarming thing was that her body's growth seemed to be accelerating, the bigger she got the more she grew. Whilst the pleasure she felt was nothing short of ecstasy, deep down she knew something was terribly wrong. She knew she was gaining weight so quickly it shouldn't really have been humanly possible, but her fears were always able to be silenced with a couple of double tiered chocolate cakes, or a dozen or so glazed cream filled donuts.

And so day by day Portia continued to inflate like a balloon. She loved sampling new foods, there was literally no food on the planet she didn't enjoy. But lately it seemed, as she got more and more out of shape, her cravings seemed to return more and more to greasy fattening fast food, or the rather impressive selection of treats from the local bakery she now kept in business almost single handed. This ballooning lifestyle continued for some time until one day, it happened. She just started eating and didn't stop. From morning till night she ate, and ate, and ate, and ate. She ate every last piece of food in the house and ordered enough pizza to feed an army and ate that too. More and more and more she just couldn't get enough. A whole day went by, then another, and the only time she stopped eating was when she was literally too tired to keep her eyes open. As soon as she woke she'd resume her mission to find as much food as she could and cram it into herself.

Her life was now a constant food orgy. Eating and eating all day long she felt constantly giddy from the endorphins. Very occasionally her jaw would get tired and she'd switch to drinking thick creamy milkshakes to recover, but like a world class athlete her jaw muscles and any other muscles related to eating were exceedingly strong and seemed capable of almost inhuman feats of endurance. The only real annoyance she had was that she could no longer get completely full, and so her entire existence now revolved around either eating food or the acquisition of more food to be eaten. To be honest, for Portia, it was like being in a constant state of bliss.

Of course all those calories had to go somewhere. She felt like an inflating balloon before, now she was beginning to feel like a forcefully overinflated parade float. Her increasing girth was attracting attention. She was getting hard to miss. You could feel the hugely obese teen's heavy footsteps shake the ground when she passed by and you could hear her enormous gut churning loudly at all hours of the day two rooms away. She was so fat she was nearly as round as a ball. She looked like if she fell over she might just roll away. Mostly she attracted hushed whispers and gaping looks of amazement behind her back. She had cut off contact with her family for fear of her mother calling an intervention which could end with her losing her freedom to gorge to her heart's content. Strangely this scared her more than the fact that she was going up a dress size every few days. But unbeknownst to Portia most of the attention she had gathered came from her next door neighbour.

He had first become aware of her the day she moved in. Being an avid fat admirer he'd certainly noticed her weight gain with great interest. He had tried many times to get her attention, offering to help her carry groceries and other such friendly gestures. She always accepted them politely but to his disappointment never gave him an opportunity to ask her out. She was just too focused on getting back to eating to notice his interest. As she grew fatter and fatter he had become more than a little obsessed with her. In fact he'd taken many sick days off work just to sit and spy through her window, just to catch glimpses of the enormous strawberry blonde gorging away next door.

The last time he'd tried to talk to her he couldn't even get her name. He'd helped her carry what felt like tons of shopping bags inside her house. She thanked him politely but when he extended his hand to introduce himself he only got out the words "Hi, my name's…" before she shut the door in his face. She hadn't meant to be rude, in fact she only barely registered his existence. She was grateful for his help but her mind was so obsessed with filling her fat round cheeks that she was becoming increasingly out of touch with the outside world. To Portia conversations with people were now nothing but an annoying interruption to her 24/7 feast. She'd simply closed the door before she even realised he might be speaking to her.

Today though he had a plan. He cursed himself for not having the idea sooner. After several days in a row observing her lustfully through his window he realised what he needed to do for her to notice him. It was so simple, if all she cared about was food then all he had to do was bring her some. Surely she couldn't turn down free food?

He approached her door with an extra-large box of assorted muffins. She answered the door in a practically skin tight pink summer dress that was struggling to contain her. It creaked with every slight wobble of her enormous round belly and her navel made a clearly visible dent where the fabric was pulled tight across its depths. He was a little taken back by her size seeing her up this close in person. He'd never imagined it was even possible for a teenager to get so gigantically fat. Portia was a little irritated by his interruption of her feasting on a pile of cheeseburgers until she noticed the box of muffins. He opened the lid so she could smell their inviting aroma.

"Hi, I'm from next door my name's Ryan," he said quickly whilst he had her attention. She hadn't actually looked at him yet as her eyes were glued to the muffins. She licked her lips, they looked so delicious.

"Uh. Hi. I'm Portia. Are those f-for me?" she stammered still looking at the muffins.

"Yes, a gift for my beautiful neighbour. I just wanted to say…"

Portia's eyes had already glazed over, she wasn't listening anymore and her pudgy fingers were already reaching into the box. They pulled out a large chocolate muffin and she stuffed it into her mouth in one bite. She ate it right there in front of him, moaning in an almost sexual way as she chewed it. A piece of muffin escaped her lips and fell on to her cleavage but she expertly picked it up and ate it too. He watched in amazement at how quickly she'd eaten it, as she swallowed he heard her belly groan thunderously.

"Phew! That was so good!" she said in a breathily sexy voice. She was clearly flushed, her perfectly white skin forming a pinkish hue on the tops of her round wobbly cheeks.

Before he could even react she had reached in and grabbed another muffin and proceeded to stuff that in to her face, and before she even finished chewing her other hand had picked up a third muffin and was holding it between her sausage like fingers ready to stuff that in as well.

"Yes, please go ahead, a muffin can be very filling…" he stammered nervously in awe of what he was witnessing.

"Oh… if only that… were possible… nothing can make… me feel full," she said quietly, almost just to herself, in a muffled voice as she gasped for air between mouthfuls.

The third muffin was almost pushed down her throat by the fourth. It in turn was followed by another, and another, and so on until all two dozen muffins were packed neatly inside her massive bloated belly.

As she finished the last muffin she breathed a deep sigh of relief fanned herself with her hand. A small bead of sweat dripped down the back of his neck. Suddenly both their eyes shot down to her enormous stomach as it quaked and groaned ominously for a brief instant. Then suddenly her super tight pink summer dress burst at the seams. Her thick side roll of flab just burst right through the fabric. Her heavy belly, now freed from the tightness of the dress filled out to its true size right before their eyes ripping the seam even further.

"Ah!" she gasped. Her face went bright red and she turned around to go back inside, wobbling all the way which only ripped the dress even further giving him an even better view of her juicy rolls as they jiggled and continued their escape.

"Thank you for the muffins!" she squeaked quickly before quickly closing the door.

"Anytime…" he said to himself, barely able to close his gaping jaw.

He suddenly felt a pleasurable release followed by a warm wetness in his crotch and it was his turn to be red faced and hurry back to his front door.

He wondered if she'd noticed his accident but a quick glance through her window suggested that she didn't. Portia was already unwrapping another cheeseburger and proceeded to devour it with gusto. The rip in her dress had extended up her bulging fat body all the way to her sleeve.

It was at that moment all logical thought left his consciousness. He'd never experience lust like this before. He wasn't sure how what he had just witnessed was even possible but one thing he did know for certain.

He wanted to see how much she could really eat. He wanted to see if he could make her feel full.

He got to work immediately, finding caterers and ordering food from all over the city. It was like his mind had snapped. All he could think about was making sure Portia would never run out of food. He bought several huge ovens and lined the walls of his dining and lounge rooms. He stacked several freezers into his bedrooms. He then filled his house with delicious foods of all kind. He knew deep down he must have been going mad but he kept repeating the same thing to himself again and again all throughout his preparations like some kind of demented mantra.

"I've got to make her feel full."

The final part of his plan was a line of carefully laid snacks from Portia's front door, down her garden path and back up to his front door. Cup-cakes, donuts, pastries and such with a nice big chocolate cake with frosting and large cherry on her front doorstep that she couldn't miss. On top of that he left a card, an invitation that simply said…

"Come over for dinner. Ryan (from next door)."

He knew he wouldn't have to wait long. She always had to go out and get more food eventually.
He was in the kitchen surrounded by pots and pans, madly baking a huge layer cake when he heard the sound of a thunderous gurgle followed by a loud burp.

It had worked. He heard the step of his wooden front porch groan and creak under the gigantic teenager's weight. He walked towards his open front door smiling and then nearly fainted when he saw her. She'd grown since he'd last seen her. A lot. She was now so wide that she could barely fit through his front door. She had to turn sideways and suck in her gut as much as possible, it took her several moments of struggling until he reached over and pulled her hand to help her pop herself through. His heart raced as their skin made contact. God even her hands were so soft and squishy!
She smoothed out her new blue dress. It was the largest piece of clothing Ryan had ever seen and it was tight on her. Every roll and bulge of fat was visibly outlined be the fabric and around the belly it was so tight that the material had stretched to the point where it was slightly see-through. As she wobbled about he could see the very bottom of her belly peek itself out ever so slightly beneath the bottom of the dress.

"Hi, uh, Ryan" she had to glance at the invitation she was still holding in her chocolate stained fingers to get his name right.

Portia wasn't even sure why she'd come over. She'd read the invitation and then promptly forgotten about it. Then she saw a cake and the next thing she knew she was squeezing herself through his front door just to get to the amazingly delicious smell coming from inside his house.

"Delighted you came," he said still holding her hand to help her balance as she waddled forward into his lounge area.

Now it was Portia's turn for her jaw to drop. The room was literally filled with a gigantic banquet! Never in her life had she seen so much delicious ready to be eaten food all in one place. Her mind felt like it was doing backflips. She began salivating. Her heart rate increased and she began to feel dizzy with euphoria. She was excited about the prospect of eating so much in one sitting.

"My God, what's wrong with me?" she thought to herself knowing she wouldn't be able to control her instinct to dive into all the food for much longer.

"Here have a seat, I hope you're hungry!" Ryan offered warmly, desperately hoping the reinforced padded bench chair he had gotten would be strong enough to hold all of her.

Portia sat down with a loud creak that he could feel reverberate through the floorboards and up his spine. Her huge round belly hung of the edge of her seat, groaning, dangling just inches away from the floor.

Ryan smiled again, "Now you told me the other day that nothing could fill you up, well I decided to see if that's really true."

He then began removing large square pans from the ovens around the room and lining them up on the table. Portia's excitement was barely containable, it smelled sooo good. He took the lids off the pans to reveal something that make Portia's eyes open as wide as dinner plates.

Lasagne. Her favourite. There was so much of it that it covered his entire dining table like a sea of melted cheese. Surely all this had to be able to fill her up?

She couldn't hold out a moment longer and picked up a large serving spoon and began eating with gusto. Gulp, gulp, gulp, she finished the first pan in less than a minute! She was breathing rapidly as he removed the first pan and placed another full one in its place in front of her.

His eyes admired her with lust. She was a miracle. Perfection. But he had her right where he wanted her now and simply HAD to make sure she kept eating. Her pace wasn't diminishing and he had to stay on his toes to keep up. He cleared pan after pan as she devoured the sea of cheese until all of it was inside her gigantic stomach. She leaned back and patted her gut, it had been a long time since she'd felt this satisfied. Never in her life had she eaten so much so quickly, but nevertheless she was far from full and was already eyeing up the delicious looking platters of jumbo sized cheeseburgers he was approaching with from the next room.

She grabbed a burger in each hand began gulping them down in joy. She was practically using the next burger to shove the last of the previous burger further in to her mouth. It was a sight of gluttony to behold. As she gorged away she suddenly became aware that her belly had spilled down so far it now touched the floor! Still chewing she looked down at her body in surprise. How could she be that big already? She'd never grown this fast before. Was she going mad or could she actually see herself blowing up right before her eyes? A few stiches burst from her dress confirmed what she feared. She was getting fat so quickly that she could actually feel her clothes getting tighter and tighter by the second. Her fat was testing every seam on her dress. Now she was more sure than ever that something was terribly wrong with her, and whatever it was it was getting worse. She'd always hoped her weight gain would eventually level off or at least slow down. She'd been trying to rationalize the amount of fat she'd packed on in the past few days as just a temporary growth spurt, but now she began to realise the awful truth. Her growth was getting faster the fatter she grew. She was dreading the day that she'd finally get too big and have to stop eating, and now she was afraid that today just might be it. She stuffed yet another burger in to her fat face and gulped it down in less than a few bites then whimpered slightly as she felt herself expand even bigger. Now she really felt like a big hungry balloon.

Ryan noticed her concern, "Is everything to your satisfaction?" he asked.

Portia replied in gasps between mouthfuls, "Yes, well no, well I don't know. It's just that lately I've been getting so fat! I don't know what's happening to me! I swear I can feel myself getting fatter by the minute! My belly, just keeps growing, and growing, and growing! I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't seem to stop eating."

"Well you don't have to stop on my account, please enjoy yourself. I want to see if we can finally satiate that hunger of yours. Nothing would bring me more pleasure."

Portia blushed. She didn't know what his intentions really were but right now she didn't care. She was fighting her own battle between her body and her hunger, and if this man was happy to help her keep eating then why fight it? She stuffed another burger in her mouth and moaned, contented, as her ballooning body swelled a little more.

The feast continued. Plate after plate. Dish after dish. Treat after treat. She'd even guzzled an entire chocolate fountain before the evening was through. So much food it was now all a blur. And boy did Portia Jones grow. More and more of her belly continued to make contact with the floor, poking out obscenely from the bottom of her skin tight dress. The seams down the sides of her tightening outfit finally burst open and soft white fat began to pour through. Every few seconds the rips tore a little more exposing roll after roll of expanding flesh. The dress continued to tear until the hems at the top and bottom the garment were practically all that was left holding it together. The over stretched material dug deeper and deeper into her flab, creaking and creaking until it finally snapped allowing the dress to rip completely in half down her sides. Now with nothing to hold it back her huge gut surged forward in to the edge of the table and began pushing it away from her. She was already having trouble reaching the food over her huge breasts and belly with her pillow sized arms, and the table sliding further away from her with every bite didn't help matters. Ryan noticed her struggling to reach a large tray of cheesy potato bake so he jumped in and began moving all the plates and trays on to the tops of her large swelling breasts where she could reach them easily.

Moving the food closer to her face only seemed to fuel her hunger. Her immediate field of vision was now just a sea of delicious foodstuff and it made her want to gorge herself like never before. The trays bobbed up and down in the waves of her fat as she greedily shovelled their contents in to her mouth with both hands. The remains of the front half of her dress served nicely as a sort of table cloth for her feast. It was hard to believe that the now proportionally tiny garment had ever covered her whole body. She was now so fat that it looked more like a large bib resting on her big round belly. Her deep dark bellybutton continued to push out further and further beyond the end of the material, now extended by several feet of soft round fat belly flesh. The back half of the dress was slowly disappearing under her fat round buttocks.

Poor Portia was lost in food heaven, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was now fattening up so fast she looked like an inflating parade float. All she could think about was the massive array of food in front of her face, ploughing through dish after dish after dish. And so she continued to grow. Bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

Eventually, poor Portia began to really struggle with the physicality of her size. She felt so heavy, completely out of breath, and moving any part of her bloated body now required a huge amount of effort. Her rising shoulders and chest had buried her neck, and her amazingly thick chin had swelled so much she was being forced to tilt her head back on a slight angle. On top of that her puffy arm fat was making it harder and harder to bend her elbow and she had to squish her thick lower arms deep into her shoulder fat just to reach her mouth with her plump hands. Gripping food with her increasingly stubby fingers and swelling palms was becoming a challenge all of its own as well. Eventually she got so enormous she was simply unable to feed herself. She was struggling to get a cupcake in to her mouth but her plump hand could barely reach her face, there was simply too much fat in the way. She was still swelling from all the food digesting in her colossal stomach and she watched the cupcake desperately as her inflating fat pushed it further and further away from her mouth. Her palm and fingers inflated some more and she lost her grip on the cupcake. She went to retrieve it only to find that her arms were now so fat that she could barely lift them at all. It was at that moment she began to notice just how FAT she had gotten. She slowly looked out over the spread of food to her body and gasped as she saw that her belly had pushed the table to the far side of the room. She began breathing rapidly, desperately turning her head one way, and then the other, each direction she looked shocked her more than the last.

"W-What's happening to me? H-How is this possible? W-What will I do now?" Portia spoke shakily completely amazed at her own size. She still couldn't fathom how she had let things get so out of control. She'd never even heard of anyone getting this fat before, let alone in a matter of hours. Whilst afraid of how huge she had become, she was even more terrified that now she was unable to feed herself she was actually going to have to go hungry!

"Do not worry my dear, just say the word and I can continue to feed you," Ryan said with a seductive smile.

Given that option Portia's fear subsided enough for her hunger to get the better of her. Her gaze drifted back to the sea of delicious food covering her chest and strange calm came over her.

"I want more," she whispered.

Ryan climbed up on to her fat belly and stuffed a frosted cup-cake into her mouth and the deluge continued. Now she only had to chew and swallow she was able to eat even faster than before. The food simply flowed into her and she was powerless to resist it. She could feel her body blowing up and up like a balloon around her. Fatter, and fatter, and fatter she grew to impossible dimensions. The floorboards creaked ominously beneath her titanic belly which now filled a good portion of the room. Her giant wobbling buttocks finally crushed the padded chair and filled out until they brushed up against the wall behind her. Rolls of fat bulged and bulged as her body desperately tried to find room to store more and more fat. Her face was so plump she could look down and see her cheeks wobble with her own eyes as they bulged fuller and fuller. Her thighs were so thick it was doubtful that Ryan could have gotten his arms even half way around just one of them. Even her toes had grown so fat they looked like huge thick balls of fat sticking out at curious angles from the large round balloon shaped objects that were her feet. She was so wide that her arms rested pointing straight out to her sides and still her hips expanse of blubber bulged beyond the reaches of her stubby fingertips by at least two arm lengths. And still she was expanding. Like a huge balloon. A blimp! She felt like she could pop any second, and the growth wasn't slowing down it was only getting faster!

"No, yes, no, yes… yes, feed me more!" Portia moaned conflicted.

Ryan had no intention of stopping now anyway and raced back from the kitchen with more desserts to fill her.

As Portia continued to fill the room with her blubber a memory came back to her. It was from her childhood. She had been making fun of a fat lady in the playground, calling her names, pointing and laughing at how fat she was. The woman glared and pointed her finger at Portia muttering something under her breath. The woman's green eyes almost seemed to glow with intensity. That was all Portia could recall and it was only for an instant, but it was enough to scare her. Somehow she just knew that it was related to the hunger that had driven her crazy over the past few years.

Suddenly Portia no longer felt hungry, she felt full. Very, very, full. She burped and breathed heavily. Her belly churned loudly still digesting its contents and she moaned as she continued to bloat and swell with more and more fat.

Ryan re-entered the room holding more deserts and nearly dropped the trays as he saw how rapidly the gigantic mass of Portia was now filling up with fat. He stopped dead in his tracks watching in amazement as her fat inched its way towards him at an alarming rate.

Portia saw him with the trays of food. She was breathing heavily, clearly in a state of panic.

"No. I can't eat anymore… Ugh… so full… oh god I feel like I'm going to burst!" she moaned desperately.

He looked up at her towering quivering swelling mass and suddenly felt bad for what he had done. But it was too late. Portia continued to blow up like a balloon, her body filling the entire room like a huge squishy pink blimp.

"Help! Oh God! I'm getting too fat! Oh please! Don't let me explode!"

Ryan stepped back a few paces in awe of the size she was reaching. Her thighs rippled wildly as they blew up with fat, her sides bulged outwards with mammoth love handles and rolls of fat thicker than Ryan was tall. Her huge round belly swelled further and further away from her, her cavernous belly button leading the charge in to the far wall while her breasts were pushed upwards until they were brushing the ceiling! Portia then felt herself getting squeezed tighter and tighter as room to contain her was running out.

"Ugh! I'm getting too big! I'm too fat! Please stop growing!" she pleaded with her body, panicking as it betrayed her wishes, every single part of her growing larger and larger at an increasingly terrifying rate. She could hear the structure of the house creaking, the ceiling began to crack. A window suddenly smashed and her fat poured out of it. A door blew off its hinges as her belly swelled through it. Ryan feebly ducked for cover as her buttocks towered menacingly above him only to get trapped underneath her right butt cheek. It was so soft, but so heavy. Her fat flowed over him up to his neck and he felt himself orgasm just as the last breath was squeezed out of him.

"Oh god, I'm going to burst! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Portia cried as the fat on her face swelled so much she could no longer open her lips. The fat of her many chins was squeezed against her chest forcing her to tilt her head back as far as she could, even then to Portia's horror she felt her fat cheeks make contact with her shoulders and chest as they rose higher and higher around her head. She was going to get smothered by her own fat! The ceiling was beginning to bend upwards under the pressure of her fat as it filled every last inch of the room. A terrifying crack startled her as belly broke through the plaster and began to fill the roof cavity. Then a wall of the house collapsed and her fat belly spilled out in to the open air. She'd outgrown an entire house and was still getting bigger! There was a rumbling sound from within her accompanied by a surge of new growth expanding her rapidly in all directions at once. Suddenly she was plunged into darkness as the wall of blubber that was her belly overgrew her and sloshed back into her face burying her under its colossal weight. Smothered by her own fat poor Portia passed out…

When Ryan awoke there was no sign of Portia Jones to be seen. Nothing but a devastated house remained. He felt bruised and battered but he was thankful to be alive.

Portia had woken up earlier, whatever curse she had been under had lifted and she appeared to have the body of a perfectly normal though still quite plump teenager. Being naked she grabbed a couple of cushions from a rather crushed looking couch to cover herself and ran home as fast as she could. Memories of her life over the past few months seemed sketchy and flooded back to her like remembering a dream.

She found a dress to wear at the back of her closet from when she first moved out of home. It was a beautiful sunny day and enjoying her new mobility Portia went for a walk. Out of habit she stopped in at the local bakery. They didn't recognise her. She ordered a box of donuts and began to eat them, but by about the fourth one she felt full, and satisfied. She rubbed her tummy and sighed contently. "Ah, better than sex," she said revelling in her fullness. Food was still her friend but she was glad to have gotten her life back. Even after experiencing what it was like to temporarily be the fattest girl who had ever lived, part of her really missed the extra weight, but she was also happy to be free from hunger at last. She patted her full now only relatively slightly tubby belly and giggled remembering how erotic her huge wobbling gut had felt. She vowed to herself right then and there that she would never allow herself to feel hungry ever again.

Portia put the remaining donuts in her purse for later and started to think excitedly about what she was going to do with the rest of the day, and with the rest of her life.

Ryan's insurance refused to cover the damage to his house but he figured it kind of served him right.
A mysterious tale of gluttony getting out of control.
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Very hot!
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So a happy ending to the fat girl :)
FA-Man Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
Fantastic! And I enjoyed the whole "plot" thing you did there.
noarthereonlyfat Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Where?! If I find any non weight gain related plot in one of my stories I'll remove it immediately!
MrCandyMan007 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting concept! I'm glad she didn't explode, too. I hate explosions with a passion :P
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Don't take them too seriously. I hate guns with a passion, but gunfights in movies are still cool.
Xerxes13110 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Another wonderful reading!
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noarthereonlyfat Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
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Thanks :)
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