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Chapter 1

Lindsay had always been a fat girl... a very fat girl... and seemingly in the process of becoming an even fatter girl. She was never able to resist the temptation of fattening foods, a greedy girl who always wanted MORE! However, being only nineteen she often felt very embarrassed about her weight, but that was simply outweighed by her love of food. She would get goose bumps just from thinking about her favourite deserts. Oh to savour! To taste! To EAT! Stuffing her face gave her such a rush. When it came to food she just couldn’t help herself. Whenever she starting eating she never wanted to stop until she was absolutely completely stuffed full. After eating Lindsay would rub her big round belly and sigh. She was ashamed that her love affair with food was making her so fat. From chubby, to plump, to fat, her weight had climbed rapidly ever since she hit puberty. Now she was becoming simply massive. Her size was starting to astound even her on the rare occasions she dared herself to stand naked in front of a full length mirror. Last time she did this she cautiously jiggled her belly out of curiosity and upon seeing the huge waves of fat it generated rippling all over her body she quickly turned the mirror to face the wall in alarm. Obese was almost an understatement. She would have been considered morbidly obese over a hundred pounds ago! Oh she had worked very hard to get this big by such a young age. She had eaten many, many more times as much food as most nineteen year old girls would have done by that age. She knew it deep down. It embarrassed her but she couldn’t help it. She was a complete and utter glutton.

But any negative thoughts she had about her size would only last a short while. Lindsay would justify her size telling herself that there were still plenty of guys out there that found her attractive. She had beautiful blonde hair and a pretty face, but to be honest, she really didn’t think about boys all that often. Lindsay’s love of food was enough to keep her really quite happy and very satisfied. And the more she indulged the happier she felt. Most days she would eat lunch and dinner at an all you can eat buffet. She didn’t like making a pig out of herself in public, but it was literally the only way she could afford to satisfy her enormous desire to eat. She would always try to eat slowly and savour every mouthful, but usually after a few mouthfuls she would lose control and start stuffing her face as fast as she possibly could, her mind lost in her own private ecstasy. She would eat at break neck pace, only slowing down as she became too full to continue. Whilst she enjoyed the feeling of being stuffed immensely, deep down part of her was disappointed that it meant she had to stop eating. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like to be able to eat and eat and eat all day long and never stop. Little did she know that one fateful day she would actually find out.

It was lunchtime at her favourite buffet. Lindsay had eaten a colossal meal that could have fed an entire family and was now browsing the enticing selection of deserts. So engrossed in the enjoyment of the ritual feeding her belly was she that Lindsay never noticed the sinister looking man watching her from his table at the far end of the buffet. The man’s attention was fixed on her as she waddled her hugely curvy hips and thunderous thighs back to her seat carrying an entire chocolate cream filled pie. Her top was so tight you could see glimpses of her belly as she walked along just peeking out slightly as it bounced with her steps. Whilst she was too modest to show and cleavage, she didn’t realise that her top had gotten so tight that you could clearly see the outline of her entire bra digging deeply into her soft flesh beneath it. The fabric clung to her breasts like a second skin as the tops of them that overflowed her bra sloshed about from left to right. He eyed her up. She was so young, so pretty, and so very deliciously fat. Her massively fat round beach ball belly and thicker than tree trunk thighs jiggled wildly, and her chair creaked ominously as she lowered herself awkwardly down to sit. Yes she would do nicely he thought.

Unaware anyone was watching she took a HUGE bite of the chocolate pie getting some filling on her double chin and spilling some down the front of her tight, outgrown green top. This didn’t slow her down as she dove in for another massive bite. She finished the entire pie before attempting to clean herself up, and by that stage her entire hands and face were completely smeared with chocolate filling. She licked her sticky chocolaty fingers before wiping them messily down the front of her chocolate stained top. The pressure of rubbing her hands on her food filled belly caused her to hiccup uncontrollably several times. Then just as she caught her breath without warning a massive burp escaped her lips. She looked around red in the face with embarrassment. Lindsay’s attentive observer couldn’t help but chuckle. Yes she would do very nicely indeed. In fact she may just be perfect.

Lindsay got up sheepishly and went to the bathroom to clean up. This was just the opportunity the man had been waiting for. He approached her table and casually slipped two tablets in to her soft drink. They fizzled like a couple of aspirin tablets and dissolved without a trace.

Lindsay eventually returned to her table, but not before grabbing herself another large slice of pie. He sat watching her excitedly and waited patiently for her to finish desert. She ate a little slower this time and looked like she had a little trouble swallowing the last bite. Hiccupping again she reached for her drink to wash it down. His eyes widened and he held his breath as she lifted the glass to her lips. His face slowly widened into an evil grin as she skulled the whole thing in just a few gulps.

Unfortunately poor Lindsay was none the wiser to what she had just ingested. Only the mysterious man that spiked her drink knew what lay in store for her that day. The chemicals inside Lindsay’s fat young body would soon begin to absorb themselves into her plentiful fat reserves. Once there they would begin driving her body to make even more fat, causing her huge appetite to increase to the point of being completely and utterly insatiable. Anything Lindsay ate would be converted into more fat so quickly that very soon she’d start to find that no amount of food would ever be able to completely satisfy her hunger for more than a fraction of a second. She would be driven to eat and eat and eat but she would never feel full, instead she would gain more and more weight with every morsel that passed her lips.

By the time Lindsay was halfway home from the buffet she was already feeling peckish, despite the fact that her belly was still completely and utterly stuffed from lunch. As she drove the hunger increased until she noticed she actually rather famished. Only slightly puzzled, Lindsay was really quite pleased to be able to continue her lunch time pig out and dropped by McDonalds to grab a snack. A triple cheeseburger meal later, which she managed to scarf down before she even made it out of the parking lot, and Lindsay naturally assumed that she would start feel quite bloated after eating such a huge lunch. Instead she was very surprised to be feeling hungry still. Stopping at the first set of traffic lights, directly in front of her was a big rotating KFC sign. A smile formed at the corners of her mouth, expanding in to a big grin at the possibility of being able to fit even more in her massive belly.

Ok, fine then, I may as well go for broke!, she thought, and drove straight into the KFC drive-through and ordered three mega-sized buckets of hot and spicy chicken as well as several large boxes of chips. She giggled knowing full well that this was usually way more than enough food to satisfy her belly in a single sitting.

She’d finished nearly all of the chips by the time she got home. Once inside she couldn’t even think about anything else until she’d devoured one whole family mega-sized buckets of hot and spicy and the remaining chips. She leant back on the couch rubbing her belly, expecting to at least feel totally satisfied. Instead she found herself actually eyeing up a second bucket of chicken.

She stared down at her big bloated belly with a very puzzled expression on her face. She’d eaten three or four times more today than she’d ever been able to eat in a single sitting before. She could feel the heavy fullness of her belly weighing her down, but also a still definite feeling of hunger. She giggled to herself in amazement at how much she’d been able to eat today.

Grinning wildly she tore the lid off the second bucket and ate at her usual break neck pace. She laid back after finishing the second family sized bucket. Damn that’s good chicken, she thought as she rubbed her belly. She could really feel the tightness of her overstretched stomach. Slightly concerned that she might have overdone it she experimentally pushed down on the top of her belly. The pressure actually felt rather pleasant and it responded with quite a loud gurgle. As she licked some spicy residue from her fingers her gaze subconsciously fell upon the last family sized bucket of chicken. She shrugged, may as well, no point in letting it go to waste.

She and heaved herself forward to reach the last bucket of chicken, her belly jiggling as it spilled over her huge thighs, her pants creaking at the seams,  and the coach groaning in protest at the large shift in weight. She slowly peeled the back the lid, almost giddy with anticipation of the rich spicy aroma. She smiled as its contents were still quite hot and she dug in with gusto, moaning at how good the rich spicy flavour tasted.

After finishing the last piece she laid back, the couch creaking again. She’d never even come close to eating this much in one sitting before, she was truly amazed at how she’d managed to fit inside her belly today. Her gut strained against her belt and she went to let it out, only to find it was already on the last notch. Upon releasing the belt her belly pushed out popping off the button on her pants and spilled out in to view, well below the bottom of her tight shirt. Sigh. She heaved herself up and went to her bedroom. In her wardrobe was a new outfit. She’d outgrown so many clothes, and found clothes shopping such an embarrassing experience that one day she simply ordered a whole set of outfits off the internet ranging from large to XXXL, so that she knew she would always have clothes that would fit her no matter how huge she got. She selected the last remaining outfit, the biggest size jeans and button up blouse she’d been able to find from any clothing store anywhere. It fit her very comfortably. No rolls or bulges were peaking out and she could feel that there may even be room for growth in the pants especially. The blouse actually had a v shaped neck and showed off her amazing cleavage quite tastefully. She hung a little silver love heart necklace around her neck and it dangled enticingly just about her amazing cleavage. Kind of cute, she thought. This made her feel slightly better about the enormous binge she’d had today. At least she had a little while longer before she outgrew her next outfit. Or so she thought.

She went back downstairs to the couch. She laid back on it for a moment, clutching the sides of her enormous gut in both hands with a smile on her face. She was starting to feel sleepy when all of a sudden her belly rumbled loudly. So loudly in fact that it startled her. She looked down and it groaned and rumbled again. She knew she should be feeling like she was about to burst, but if she didn’t know better she would have said the gurgle kind of felt more like a hunger pang. Frowning she rubbed the sides of her belly experimentally. It rumbled hungrily again, this time much longer and louder. She felt the vibration through her fingers and saw little ripples under the fabric of the clothes echo briefly over her enormously fat body. Her eyes widened in amazement. She wasn’t sure she could believe it, but truthfully she felt absolutely starving!

What the hell? It's impossible, she thought, amazed. I can't still be hungry after that! I shouldn't need to eat for ... a ...

But she could hardly even think straight as her imagination suddenly butted in with images of a sizzling hamburger with everything ... a chocolate shake big enough to drown in ... enough pudding to fill a swimming pool ... her resistance crumbled like a cookie. Hungrily, she dug an unopened gallon of ice cream out of the freezer and dug in. Even though she had an ice cream headache after the first few serving-spoons-full, she was lost in the flavour and texture, the wonderful feeling of fullness. As she polished off the ice cream, she mixed up five boxes of cake mix and put them on to bake, then warmed up the store bought brownies from the day before in the microwave.

As she munched on the brownies, she dug up a Christmas ham that's been frozen for a while. Ripping off the cellophane, she stuffed it into the microwave and set it cooking. Meanwhile, she combined all the lunchmeat in the fridge with a package of grated cheese, a jar of mayonnaise, and a loaf of bread to create a sandwich that, if Guinness ever saw it, might convince them to re-open the record books. But since she devoured the whole thing over the next half-hour, they would never know.

Even by her standards of gluttony this was way out of control.

Her stomach was feeling tight and full, but she scented the cakes and puddings in the oven and her mouth began to water profusely. They were done! She stacked them one on top of the other, spreading them with butter as she went, and then munched her way down to the bottom of the pile. As she was licking the last warm bits of pudding goo from her fingers the microwave finished with the ham.

The familiar ecstasy that accompanied her feats of gluttony paled in comparison to the sheer bliss that she was feeling now. Lindsay’s desire to keep and eating and eating and never stop had become a reality. The consequences of what she was doing were starting to concern her though. She’d stuffed herself silly or eaten way too much for her own good many times before but nothing like this. She shuddered to think how much fatter she’d get if she continued to eat like this every day, imagining herself at twice her current size. Her mind wandered over images of broken furniture, obliterated buffets and disbelieving stares... God she would end up being the fattest girl in the whole world at this rate. Poor Lindsay, if only she knew that she had vastly underestimated just how fat she would eventually end up. Perhaps then she may have been able to find the willpower to stop herself...

This is wrong, she thought to herself as she struggled to pull the hot meat from the microwave. I keep eating, and I'm still hungry! It feels gooooood ... but ... I'm ... so fat ... already ... goooood ... can't ... stop ... gooood ...

The ham was good and disappeared all too quickly into her bloated belly, and she realized that if she didn't start trying to find a way to stop herself now, she might just keep eating and eating until she either exploded or ran out of food! She tried to resist the warm fullness ... the sweet yumminess ... the woooonderful way it feels when the food slides down your throat and makes a warm place in your tummy ...

Got to stop eating… must … got to …

Got .. got to ... what? Her eyes went wide as she looked at her belly, it was pushing out against her blouse and pants, widening the parts between the buttons slightly and pressing more snugly in to the seams of her pants. The food fell from her hand in shock as she felt her breasts strain her too tight bra to the point of making it creak loudly. She gasped in horror at the realisation that she was slowly getting fatter and fatter by the second. Was this real? Were her rational thoughts being buried beneath an avalanche of hunger? It was simply all too much for her and she blacked out... exhausted.

Through her kitchen window, a man’s face appeared sporting a particularly sinister grin. The man observed Lindsay sprawled out in the middle of the kitchen floor. There she was. A big, fat, gluttonous and ALWAYS HUNGRY girl who would desire to eat every piece of food put in front of her. As he came closer he saw that Lindsay’s enormous body was covered by the remnants of one hell of a feast, her face and chest covered in chocolate, butter, cream and other bits and pieces of food. The kitchen could probably qualify as a disaster area, with all the scraps and trash spread over everything.

Even considering that he knew the effects of the chemicals in her body, he was still a little taken aback by the sheer extent of her gluttony. His eyes narrowed as his grin widened.

“Don’t worry, princess. You’ll get plenty more to eat.”

Chapter 2

She opened her eyes on utter blackness. Was it night already?

A spotlight directly above her came on and she found that she was in a large room, strapped to a strange chair. She felt quite uncomfortable. Her extra large clothes now felt so tight and restricting. She wiggled around trying to free herself but all that achieved was to make her clothes creak loudly as her big round belly and butt jiggled wildly. Lindsay glanced down at her huge body... Was she... even fatter? That can't be, can it? she thought... Her pudgy hand patted her belly... It certainly felt bigger...

She heard footsteps.

“Who’s there? Where am I?”

The man walked in to the spotlight, still sporting a sinister grin.

“Hello my fat princess. You can call me the quencher of appetites, and I am here to take care of greedy gluttons like you. Oh when I see naughty little girls who don’t watch their weight I bring them here to feed them all the food they could ever desire. This is your own personal ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet.”

Those words awoke a strange tingle in her belly. She began to sweat. Her crazy uncontrollable hunger had returned and it was growing in strength. She could smell cooking and it was making her mouth water.

The man pressed a button on the back of the chair and the hum of a large mechanical machine warming up filled the expanse of the room. Suddenly Lindsay’s chair began to move, lifting her up and tilting her back slightly forcing her belly to stick way out in front of her. A clamp of some kind closed around her jaw forcing her to open her mouth up wide.

“Aaa! Aaargh!” was the only noise she could make. She struggled making her big belly wobble ponderously left and right in several big waves before it finally settled.

He walked around her, prodding and poking at her fat rolls like he was sizing her up, talking to her in a creepy mocking fashion as he did so.

“Oh, you are a greedy little fatty. Are you round? Why yes, almost. I bet you need help getting out of bed. You are a fat one. My you are stuffed so tightly in to your clothes. Amazing. I have just the cure for you. You are so pretty. My god. You may be perfect. You just love to stuff your pretty little face, don't you? I'll see that you get all you need. All you need. You are hungry, hm? You'll get plenty to eat. Plenty plenty plenty. . .”

He finally stopped poking her and hovered directly over her face. He patted her belly and as if on cue it let out a deep rumble. The smell of cooking was very strong now, she could smell food and it was making her hungry. Very hungry! Despite her fear, her hunger made her long to eat some of the food. Some drool began to leak out the side of her open mouth.

He spoke, this time his tone was more sinister.

“Hungry? eh? Starving? You want food? I’ll give you all the food you could ever want and more. All you can eat! Yes even you porky! You can eat and eat and eat until you’re the fattest girl in the whole world!”

Suddenly several robotic arms reached down from the ceiling and began speeding towards her. She gasped as they approached, but they stopped short of her and began grabbing items of food out of the blackness. The first one approached and stuffed a treat into her open mouth. A cream-filled snack cake of some kind. The cleverly designed clamp around her head began moving her jaw and massaging her throat forcing her to chew and swallow, chew and swallow. She ate it so fast only the squishy sweetness told her it was cream-filled. The next hands had thick, messy sandwiches, filled with delicious spicy meats. They tasted so good as she uncontrollably wolfed them down. The familiar feeling of a binge was beginning to comfort her and she began to relax, letting the machine stuff her silly and satisfy her hunger. The machines picked up the pace and she gasped for breath between mouthfuls as her lips were smothered by an entire rolled-up warm pizza being inserted into her mouth, occupying two of the robotic hands in order to hold up the drooping melted cheese as they crammed the sauce-smothered dough down her gullet.

More and more food followed from a seemingly endless supply. From ice cream sandwiches to whole gallon tubs of ice cream, even an entire tube of whipped topping was squeezed almost straight down her throat, followed by a whole submarine sandwich that was so big it took nearly all the hands to hold up. She was devouring a huge feast at an unbelievable speed, never in her life had she eaten this much.

The man watched grinning, as the machine shovelled rice, chicken, pork, egg rolls, pasta, doughnuts, pop tarts, and more into Lindsay’s gaping mouth. She had sauce, jam and crumbs all over her chin and spilling down into her vast deep cleavage. Her eyes had glazed over and her face showed a wide open mouthed grin as the machine forced her to devour fattening snack after fattening snack, all her favourite foods one after another. She almost seemed in a trance, drunk from the ecstasy of food. But something was happening to Lindsay’s body. A strange creaking sound was coming from her clothing. The man’s eyes widened in anticipation as he watched her fat visibly expand, slowly at first, but soon picking up pace. He was extremely excited that chemicals in her fat cells were working so effectively already, knowing full well that the effects would become even stronger as her body accumulated more and more fat.


She felt the button on her pants go.

Pop. Pop.

Her straining blouse began to unbutton.

Lindsey sighed as she felt her huge belly being released from her pants.  Her legs became even fatter and tighter inside her jeans, a loud rip signalled the seat of her pants had split in two. Two more loud rips and Lindsay’s inner thigh flab burst out of her amazingly large fitted jeans, the material could simply stretch no further. Her thighs jiggled and expanded some more, quickly getting so thunderously large that it would’ve been hard to believe that it was possible for anyone to make a pair of pants that could have contained them. With her thickening legs spread wide apart her belly grew and grew, the fat above her belly button bursting more buttons as it puffed up. Her belly swelled quickly over the waist of her tightening underpants, her hips also widening until she felt them snap. Lindsay felt the cool air on her belly and thighs. Her eyes snapped to attention and grew wide with fear as she saw herself blowing up like a big fat balloon. She began sweating in panic, gasping for breath between bites as she was forced to gulp down several entire hot dogs smothered in onion and cheese.

The endless parade of food continued. She ate spoonful after spoonful and forkful after forkful of fattening treats. Steak, potatoes, cakes, pies, pasta, lasagne, casseroles, sweet bread, the list goes on. She had no choice but to chew and swallow. Bite after bite. Her mouth was constantly stuffed full. In went two pounds of steak. So juicy and good. Potatoes au gratin. Pan full. More and more huge mouthfuls shovelled in one after another. What frightened her even more was that her belly seemed to be ROARING with hunger. Everything tasted so GOOD! She was finding it hard not to moan in pleasure at the feeling of being stuffed with more and more food.

“You are hungry indeed my sweet little princess. Oh you eat like a pig! I bet there's no filling you up!”

Stuff. Stuff. Her belly rose. Stuff stuff. Whole pie--blueberry. Bite after bite. Swallow.

“Getting full yet?”

“MMMph!!” (Muffled by pastry sweetness.)

Chocolate cake. Beef stew. Chicken pie.

“Please... MMMph!!”

But my sweet. You are here now. And you are going to EAT!

More into her mouth. The machine made her chew. More. More more. Sweet goodness. Delicious. Delicious. More more more. He loosened the restraints as she grew. Her belly grew past her knees. Her thighs expanded. Her breasts and belly were covered with filling, gravy, crumbs.

The man poked a long bony finger deep into one of her soft exposed belly rolls. “This is what happens to greedy little girls who can’t control their appetite. They get FATTER!”

I must be dreaming, thought Lindsay. She looked down at herself in horror as the machine stuffed her with éclairs, apple turn-overs, pie, cookies and ice cream puffs. Between mouthfuls she tried to beg him to stop. But he smiled patting her huge belly and the machine hummed on. Her thighs were 39" around. Her breasts were basketball-sized, her belly and but were swollen to impossible dimensions, growing. Growing. There was cream on her chin. The machine hummed and stuffed her like a turkey. She looked like someone hooked up to a hose--growing, ready to explode. Burst. So full full full. Fat. And growing. Her arms and legs were forced to spread apart to make room for all her fat. Her belly had spilt way beyond the edge of the chair and was continuing to swell bigger and rounder without any signs of slowing down. Her deep belly button was getting ever more cavernous by the second.

Her tastebuds were in heaven, but her mind screamed for this madness to stop before she got any bigger. Her basketball sized boobs were rapidly ballooning out to the size of jumbo sized watermelons. Her front was now totally exposed, but her expanding arms and back fat were still contained by her blouse, which continued to get tighter and tighter until it began to tear at the shoulders, her huge fat arms also bursting the sleeves. Her chest and neck fat swelled too until even the chain of her love heart necklace dug in to her fat threatening to choke her slightly until it suddenly broke. With her blouse and jeans in tatters, and her body long ago having burst out of her underwear. Now completely naked, she continued to grow bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter as the weight kept piling on. The deluge of food showed no sign of stopping. Flavour exploded in her mouth as a long line of cheese sticks were stuffed into her two at a time. The food still tasted divine but she would have enjoyed more if she wasn't so scared she might pop at any second.

Several extra padded mechanical hands sprang out from the sides of the chair and began massaging her titanic belly as more fattening junk food was stuffed into her gaping mouth. The massaging seemed to help digestion and her weight began to increase even more rapidly.

She was getting frighteningly huge! Had she already become the fattest women in the world? Her mind floated again back to images of broken furniture, obliterated buffets and disbelieving stares, cracking concrete with each weighty step... Oh but she was going to get bigger than her imagination had ever dreamed.

For a long time, she remembered nothing but a glazed whirl of food. Nothing but the rhythm of open, stuff, chew, open, stuff, chew, open, stuff, chew...

Her flesh felt wonderful as the extra padded robotic arms massaged her rolls sending her entire body into waves of motion. Her brain was alive with endorphins. The bigger she grew, the more skin there was to be squeezed and massaged.

She simply felt a warm feeling in her belly that held so tightly to her brain that she never felt the pain of her stomach-ache as her body exceeded its capacity for fat. She could hear her skin stretching like rubber however. The chemicals in her fat cells could only increase the elasticity of her skin so far it would seem. Her wobbly jiggly flesh was beginning to tighten up as her body ran out of room to store all the fat it was creating.

Lindsay was absolutely round now. Her arms stuck out helplessly. Her ghost of a face hid under pounds and pounds of glorious fat. Her gigantic ass was like two globes of dimpled flesh. Each of her thunderous thighs were bigger than she’d been to begin with... a lot bigger. Her belly had spilled out on to the floor, tight and round now it groaned loudly as it grew. Her chubby cheeks had ballooned making her face appear so round, even her plump red lips had gotten fatter. Her arms stuck straight out to her sides as the rolls of fat under them pushed out further and further. Still, fatter she grew as the machine fed her even more still showing no signs of stopping.

“Yes this is what happens to big fat greedy gluttons who can’t control their appetite. They get too fat for their own good! I wonder how much you weigh? 800? 900? 1000 pounds? Probably more! Over a half ton of fat girl blubber! My you are so stuffed nothing even jiggles anymore. But you’re not full yet are you? No! There’s still room in that hungry belly of yours!” he grinned. Her belly rumbled loudly and she whimpered with her mouth full as she continued to suck down food at an alarming rate and swelled even bigger still. She was so fat, so round! Her round belly stuck straight out of her for several meters, that distance gradually increasing with every second. The robot arms were still rubbing and massaging it almost as if they were coaxing it to grow. It was so incredibly huge and fat, you could have lost your whole arm in her belly button. The numerous rolls down her sides, some as thick as the man’s entire waist, supported her arms and shoulders, whose fat pushed up into her ears the same way that her breasts and chest flab was pushing up into her thick fat triple chin. She was being engulfed in her own fat!

As more food entered her mouth her body made a strange and scary rumbling sound. Waves of fat went crashing through her body. Still she grew bigger and more fat encroached itself around her neck. Her face was so fat now that the machines had to switch to smaller items of food to fit them down her throat past her huge round chubby cheeks. But it seemed that the machine was intent on stuffing every last bit of food into her that it could. A few more chocolates were crammed in and another strange and scary rumbling sound even louder this time.

The robot arms backed away and the mask was freed itself from her face. Lindsay quivered and listened to her fat body gurgle, jiggle and flop about as the arms all worked her expanding flesh. She was still expanding gradually and whimpered at the occasional creaking stretching noises expecting each one to result in her bursting like a balloon.

“So have you learnt your lesson?”

Lindsay tried to open her mouth but every time she managed to part her fat plump lips the only thing that escaped them was a loud burp. “BURP!... BURP!... BURP!” Lindsay gasped.

“I’m sorry what was that?” the man chuckled.


“Well I don’t know, I guess I’ll just have to test you and see.”

A single robot arm approached with a candy bar, a snickers bar, it and waved it in front of her nose. All of the chemicals stored in the in the gigantic reserves of fat on her body were still begging her to fill her belly with food. The hunger was... intense. A pocket of drool spilt exploded out of the side of her plump lips.

“Oh dear, looks like someone’s still hungry.”

The robot arm slowly began to turn and force it into her plump lips. Lindsay shrieked as it was slowly forced all the way in to her mouth. The chocolate began to melt and the flavour made her eyes nearly roll back in to her head. She moaned as she chewed it.

“Yes a true glutton, one bite away from exploding and you’re still hungry. Are you sure you want to eat that? No one’s forcing you to swallow now.”

Lindsay’s eyes went wide as she realised what she was about to do. She began trying to spit the candy out, but it was so gooey and her mouth was so fat it was hard to do... but that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was that it was gooey and SWEET. Sweets were her biggest weakness. Ever since she was a little girl she could never resist them. Just a little bit would hurt. Just one tiny little swallow and spit the rest out, she thought. That one tiny swallow was the end because a split second later she moaned and sucked the rest of it down her throat and in to her overfull belly.

Her eyes went wide and her face went white as she realised what she’d just done. She could feel her belly stretching out just a little more to try and fit it in. Then there was a deep rumbling sound. It grew louder and louder, then started a horrible stretching sound as Lindsay began to swell like a parade balloon. Her rolls became taught as they deepened. Her hands and feet looked like blown up rubber gloves, her fat fingers and toes sticking out at curious angles. Still she grew fatter and fatter! The rumbling of her gut and the stretching of her skin was growing deafening. She was a gigantic ball of fat about to explode! “Yes this is what happens to big fat greedy gluttons who can’t control their appetite. They get too fat for their own good!” the sinister man’s cruel words echoed in her mind. “I’m... too... fat...” she breathed heavily, tears in her eyes. She was absolutely sure there was no way she could possibly get any fatter without exploding, but oh how wrong she was.

The chemicals contained within her fat cells were becoming ever more potent with every second. They began to release vast amounts of energy within her expanding girth. It seemed as if the chemicals were determined to fit more fat into her somewhere it seemed. Slowly, she began to grow taller.  She gasped as she realised her head and shoulders being slowly lifting up into the air by her expanding body. The energy in her fat cells began to spark through the neurons in her brain, she began to feel ecstatic, happy, and empowered by her tremendous size. She was still getting fatter but her arms, legs and torso were also growing longer and wider as she grew into a much, much bigger girl than anyone could have possibly predicted. Her form was becoming a tremendous and menacing sight to see.

She spoke slowly and confidently, and with a sense of pride,

The man’s expression had been puzzled at first when he saw her confused face gaping as her head slowly rising higher and higher into the air, but now her enormous expanding body was beginning to fill out bigger and bigger then he’d ever predicted was possible. His expression was one of sheer amazement as he slowly backed away from her swelling form. She was becoming a giant! Fat flowed everywhere as she ballooned bigger and bigger steadily filling out threatening to fill entire room.

Her body pressed up against the feeding machinery and robot arms began to tumble to the ground. Up into the sky her larger than life head raised as her ass and thighs expanded rapidly with more and more fat. She looked like a huge parade float of an enormously fat woman! If you keep eating like that you’ll turn in to a blimp! Lindsay heard her mother’s words echo in her mind.

“I’ll show you! I’ll show them all! I’m going to be the biggest blimp in the world!” power sparked in her eyes as she literally willed herself to growing even fatter. Her belly inflated as an avalanche of flab filled it and supplied its girth. Every inch of her ballooned bigger and fatter. She was getting colossal. The greediest fattest girl the world had ever seen. Growing and growing. The room shook frighteningly as she proceeded to fill it with her flab.

It was the sinister man’s turn to panic now as her belly smashed up against far wall of the huge room. This was certainly a side effect of the chemicals that he hadn’t anticipated. The ground shook as her fattening form continued to widen out and he had to stumble backwards to get out of the way. His stumbling steps turned in to a run as rolls and rolls of flab began chasing him to the edge of the room. He ran for his life making his way around behind her inflating butt cheeks, heading for the lab’s secured exit.

Out of breath he began to punch in the security code to the door, talking to himself in short panicky bursts. “What the...? I don’t understand how she’s still growing! Where is the energy coming from?... Unless....Aaargh!”

He screamed in terror as the ever thickening flab of her right butt cheek began to press against door. He fought with the weight of her flab pressing against him to open the door but only got it open a few inches before it snapped shut. His last words were incomprehensible as Lindsay’s fat butt smothered him to death.

Lindsay felt on top of the world. She felt as if this had been her destiny. The excess displays of gluttony she had exhibited her whole life had been leading to this. She blissfully willed herself bigger and fatter wanting to see just how big and fat she could possibly get before she exploded.

Just when Lindsay thought she was about to go bang, the growth finally stopped.

The chemicals had saved her from bursting. The evil deranged scientist that made her eat had failed to calculate the true effects of the chemical when given to someone quite as greedy and fat as Lindsay had been.

Lindsay’s fate was discovered by another man who found a way to keep her fat and happy for the rest of her life... but that’s a different story.
A force feeding tale...
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spider123357 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 20, 2015  Student Writer
Excuse me, but did you borrow/steal/whatever-you-call-it the man's speech in your story from the story Sarah Makes a Choice by Admirer? Because I was listening to his story and heard those lines exactly like your characters words. XD For shame! XD (I like your story better than anything he could ever even hope of writing!) 

BTW, I also participated in word larceny when I was writing the Marriage of the Sea King, by taking your concept of the buffets by writing, He could see in his mind broken furniture and obliterated buffets. He owned the buffets but still. Sorry.
StuffHerStupid Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Fucking fantastic! Very disappointed when it was over!
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That was a great story! I could envision her belly swelling till it hit the ceiling! Very well written!
noarthereonlyfat Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Why thank you.
ravage01 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
This story is amazing. Please tell me you have ideas for a follow up.
noarthereonlyfat Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
Sorry, never could think of anything to follow on what happens next. If anyone has ideas for a sequel post them in the comments :)
spider123357 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student Writer
Dude I love this story. I know its over three years old but it still rings true.
noarthereonlyfat Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
Thank you :)
davidmcawesome Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Forever grandly sexy
noarthereonlyfat Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
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Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I might not have been so kind to Lindsay, but he got exactly what he deserved. Like others, I'd like to see a sequel, if, and when.
Brokencookiefreak Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
fantabby dosey
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I feel like the Americandream could make this a great comic.
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im dyslexic, that took me near 45 mins to read...

but i enjoyed every second of it. and im hoping there will be a sequal! like you said "Lindsay’s fate was discovered by another man who found a way to keep her fat and happy for the rest of her life... but that’s a different story."
PneumaticaCutie Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009  Professional General Artist
I even read the line that where Lindsey said the title of my poem :)
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Well I'm glad she won in the end. I was getting a bit worried. :D
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hehe, i think it's only fair that force feeders get their comeuppance in the end.
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Loved it. The story definitely created some great images in my head.
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