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Magician home

Tried out the old palette( the contrast was modified)

24 colors
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wow the atmosphere on this is just amazing 
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this style is so adorable
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I'm speechless, holy carp
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They're moving! Omw this is sooo cool. I'm glad I stumbled on your work  xD
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Acgh I love this so much. It's so detailed and cute and reminds me of my childhood amd is just really amazing...!!!
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Wooow very nice !!
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What video game is Alice playing?
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can't believe this is only 24 colors! ;;; too pretty dayo!
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Beautiful style!!! I think this is one of the best I have seen so far...
If I told you I have a sketch of a whole world and story as well as capabilities of making some cRPG, would you create all the graphics for it?

Just out of curiosity.

Great work :)!
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sorry... I'm a little too busy at the moment for any sort of request/ commission
but thanks for the offer anyway. 
Awesome looking piece, only note i want to make is that to me it feels a bit to bight but besides that i too would like the plans to this house.
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I always love seeing this style of art, reminds me of being a child again. 
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Thres a life things, i love that :3
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its really cute! i love it! :dummy:
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Can this be my house? I want this house.
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well done, how many hours do you worked on?
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a week, I think : )
And thank you
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where`s the bathroom?
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How-- How do you people even make this??
Amg so pretty
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