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Gensokyo fairies set

22 colors
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This is so cool!

Well done!

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wonderful details
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Those pixel arts are so epic-ly awesome 😍
I love the colour scheme and the way you drew it (I'm a sucker for cottage theme e.e)
I cant believe there's only 22 colours involved.
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thank ye for the nice comment.
And I'm glad to see another one withe same love for bright cottage interiors :3
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You should make a book with these...
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I love the way you play with the concept of "isometric" you are a true artist!
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so amazing....!!!
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Everything very fine and detailed drawn. And the represantation of the half open architechture, so one can see , how the fayes live, is just genial. Very good piece of art.
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Your interiors are absolutely fantastic! Keep up the amazing work~~
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You friggin rock at these :D
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omg its sooo good :D
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Nice unified palette; I love what you do with saturation!
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Holy... this is awesome! Your Pixel Art is amazing. *-*
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Very cute. 
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this looks really nice! good job on it <3
Edited out the typos ;;
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long time not seeing touhou fanart^^ good job!
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