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Comm: Seizui

for :iconseizui: . All characters and ideas are belong to him

19 colors : )
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How long does one of these gorgeous ones takes you? 
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1 week and thanks : )
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God dammit Seizu is everywhere.
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absolutely beautiful
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Wow! You did that with just 19 colours!? That is pretty awesome!
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Man you make me want to pixel. Very inspirational!
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how cuteeee !! :3
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nice work.

Is it ok to share your future work?
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what future works? and thank you : )
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"Is it ok for me to share your work and the ones that you will do in the future in tumblr and twitter"

thats what i meant

And np
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I do have a Twitter for my art but eh... Since I don't like to put signature or watermark on my works, so feel free to. Just please link back to either my Twitter/Pixiv/deviantART
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i always credit the artist. The share button automatically credits you.
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dude... then you don't really need to ask : ) And thank you again : )
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some guy got mad at me for sharing his art even though i wrote his name and everything...

So i felt like i had to ask everyone.
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YES~ thats awesome
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