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A small Tavern

By noaqh
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i love your pixel art, must follow
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i love it, it really looks like every group of characters have their own story
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My gosh, this is so lovely, my eyes keep finding new details to revel at!!
ale-haru11's avatar
omg <3 do you make these in photoshop? :)
noaqh's avatar
no. Graphics Gale Ɛ>
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So many fun characters in this scene! ^_^
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Your artwork is so adorable i can't even. This one also reminds me of a guild 😍😍 so much fairytail feel rn
Wakettina's avatar
With this style, I expect to see a chochobo somewhere.

marceloaugustox's avatar
This really got my attention, nice job man :)  it could be a very cool game design. Just make the game and take my money (^-^) 
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Your gallery is amazing. Waaaah! 
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To some of the questions in the comments:

There's usually a pretty good reason why artists prefer to limit the number of colors when making spritework. Not only does it make matching colors easier, but it also allows the artist to keep a defined palette throughout the piece. Having too many colors can add a lot of accidental error. A small limited number of colors can be easily fit on a palette swatch, and if middle colors are needed, dithering or patterns are definitely a good option.

As for the small lack of saturation, this is usually a preference. Most of these colors are sepia-toned which give the piece a more nostalgic look. If the colors were too bright it would be a lot harder to look at, but all of the colors here work really well together.
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good gad this is SUPER beautiful \|'3
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i cant even imagine how much work this took. well done. well done indeed.
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This is some incredible detail- very inspirational. Keep up the great work ^^
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great pixel art!!, someone should make a game of this!.
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Someone should make this in Minecraft.
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beautiful spritework. I wish I could get this creative when we learn about graphics in my programming class XD
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
Very nice! I love how you did this with only 23 colors. I always find that a limited palette gives art like this a sort of charm. You know what I mean?
PunchdrunkPixie's avatar
This is incredible! :faint: The color palette and all of the little characters, I'm in love! Yamato Sway Icon 
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Wow. Really ?
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