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May 9, 2015
A Small Bakery by noaqh has created a wonderfully detailed bakery scene complete with food, workers and a customer with only 24 colours.
Featured by Lyricanna
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A Small Bakery

24 colors...

EDIT: thanks for the DD and this is not a game... I'm not making any games at this moment. I made this for fun only
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aleha84's avatar

Looks very cozy to me

NeverStepD7's avatar
Oh no!! You've appealed to my weakness for isometric buildings!! Nooo!! My finger! Not on the fav! Not on the fav!! OK its on the fav
OrigamialStar101's avatar

this is very detailed!

MrUurk's avatar

Damn. I saw the miniature and it immediately attracted my eye. Great work ! I wish there was a game i could play behind this awesome bakery ^^

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So cute! I really like how each of the characters is doing their own job.

Gurdim's avatar

your art is a feast for the eyes :D

and for my nostalgic soul xD

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Amazing detail with only 24 colors, you are truly a gifted artist with lots of cool works.  Thanks for sharing, keep it up.  
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I add things like this to get ideas for building things like in ARK. (This be a fun project to do)
artofkarthik's avatar
Love the level of detail in this!
Vanndrake's avatar
GORGEOUS!!! I would love to code a game with your art
Veganima's avatar
much more cute than the bakery I work in.
UnseriousTurtle's avatar
Okay, I rarely comment on stuff, but this is just sooooooo amazing I just have to express my love for this! *-*
KiwiMeep's avatar
This is cute ^^
irwingreylord's avatar
reminds me of lego
It's great. You're art really really makes me want it to be a game... it's beautiful and awesome on it's own though.
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I'm sure you get this a lot, but you SHOULD be making games!  I've worked in games for 20 years and I love seeing someone keeping this amazing style of art alive and well.  The fact that you are keeping to a limited palette makes it even more awesome.
noaqh's avatar
I am making games... well mostly as a freelancer. I just don't like when people taking my illustrations/ interiors line-ups as game mockups or screenshots

And thank you! : )
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