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Bill Sighten A.K.A blind Violet (Glass oc) by NoahTheTorchic Bill Sighten A.K.A blind Violet (Glass oc) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 3 0 Alexandra and Christino (art contest entry) by NoahTheTorchic Alexandra and Christino (art contest entry) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 3 1 Halifax Heights by NoahTheTorchic Halifax Heights :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 2 1 Kaixa Redesign by NoahTheTorchic Kaixa Redesign :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 0 2 Crasher (JSAB boss battle oc) by NoahTheTorchic Crasher (JSAB boss battle oc) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 7 0 new Just Shapes and Beats ocs by NoahTheTorchic new Just Shapes and Beats ocs :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 3 10 Luka Bloode (brother of Lexio) by NoahTheTorchic Luka Bloode (brother of Lexio) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 0 1 Deal (Rhombus) by NoahTheTorchic Deal (Rhombus) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 3 5 Happy Birthday, Metakirby by NoahTheTorchic Happy Birthday, Metakirby :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 1 2 Dark Chamomile Tea by NoahTheTorchic Dark Chamomile Tea :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 1 0 Kamen Rider Hex by NoahTheTorchic Kamen Rider Hex :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 3 1 Hathy X Rudinn Child by NoahTheTorchic Hathy X Rudinn Child :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 3 1 Alternate Speaker Boxes (collab Part) by NoahTheTorchic Alternate Speaker Boxes (collab Part) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 4 3 Connie (Donnie genderbent redesign) by NoahTheTorchic Connie (Donnie genderbent redesign) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 1 28 Insane Stary Night page 2 (collab part) by NoahTheTorchic Insane Stary Night page 2 (collab part) :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 0 0 Austinschaub Fnaf Collab by NoahTheTorchic Austinschaub Fnaf Collab :iconnoahthetorchic:NoahTheTorchic 2 1
my art will surely please your eyes.


CONTEST | OPEN (Join Now!)
Join now on my contest! There are many prizes!

I hope you will and have a nice day!
:iconxxayayuixx:xXAyaYuiXx 1 6
Dashers 2nd phase by hrkdnfjrjrj Dashers 2nd phase :iconhrkdnfjrjrj:hrkdnfjrjrj 6 1 +Corrupted Airwave+ by HexDoodlez +Corrupted Airwave+ :iconhexdoodlez:HexDoodlez 35 8 +JSAB+ Soft Airwave by HexDoodlez +JSAB+ Soft Airwave :iconhexdoodlez:HexDoodlez 32 8 gray-corrupted deal(rhombus) by izzy-the-animatior gray-corrupted deal(rhombus) :iconizzy-the-animatior:izzy-the-animatior 4 8 redesign of girls cup by izzy-the-animatior redesign of girls cup :iconizzy-the-animatior:izzy-the-animatior 4 0
Welp, i'm back to school for more torture... yAy..
School is hell...
:icongamerrobloxian1195:Gamerrobloxian1195 3 2
Powers by SuperSmashChey Powers :iconsupersmashchey:SuperSmashChey 11 3 Sleepy Bears (Remake) by cyrilwolff Sleepy Bears (Remake) :iconcyrilwolff:cyrilwolff 5 2 redesign of mug juice by izzy-the-animatior redesign of mug juice :iconizzy-the-animatior:izzy-the-animatior 6 0 Deal (rhombus) by izzy-the-animatior Deal (rhombus) :iconizzy-the-animatior:izzy-the-animatior 6 21 Sunshine by Zeemmy99 Sunshine :iconzeemmy99:Zeemmy99 32 17 Baldis pets by Zeemmy99 Baldis pets :iconzeemmy99:Zeemmy99 26 20 Bowtie boy by Zeemmy99 Bowtie boy :iconzeemmy99:Zeemmy99 39 8 White Steven by Zeemmy99 White Steven :iconzeemmy99:Zeemmy99 26 16 More Ettes by Zeemmy99 More Ettes :iconzeemmy99:Zeemmy99 29 22



Bill Sighten A.K.A blind Violet (Glass oc)
This is Billy Sighten, a German teenager, age 16. He went blind from a fire caused by faulty wiring in his home, back when he was 5. He got bullied over his school years, but he did make friends. He also, overtime, managed to calculate distance, shape, size weight, texture, and look of objects just by feel, sound, smell, and taste, alone. one day, in middle school, while being bullied, he snapped, and he grabbed one of the bully's heads, and began digging his thumbs into the bully's eyes. He caused the bully to go blind, and his family moved to America, as soon as the school day ended. There, he was found by a man named Kevin Wendell Crumb, who would train Bill how to truly be a psycho. After he found out Crumb killed Mr. Glass, and found out Mr. Glass's bones were made out of PURE GLASS, he didn't want to work with Crumb anymore, he wanted to help Mr. Glass recover, and finally kill Crumb, once, and for all. 
Halifax Heights
my home turf for Deviant Royale (ChicSwag)

Stage Effects: 
It become corrupted every 30 seconds, with static on the screen causing these changes. After the first 30 seconds, the buildings look a bit wrecked, and the background is slightly filtered red. After 1 minute, the roof on the building is half destroyed, the windows are cracked, the buildings are crumbling, and the background looks more red. After 1 minute and 30 seconds, the roof on the building in the middle is completely broken off, there's no windows, leaving only cracked glass remains in it's place, the buildings look even more crumbled, and the background is becoming more red. After 2 minutes, the roof on the building on the left is getting ready to fall off, there's no remains of windows, the buildings have chunks missing from them, there's fire on certain parts of the buildings, and the background is even more red, and there's fire on some the buildings in the background. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the description of the last transition is there, but the stage looks more broken, and the left building's roof on leaning on the crumbled part from where it once was, and the background is just like it was in the first change's description, but it's brightness is toned down a little bit, and fire and smoke are coming from the buildings. After 3 minutes, the buildings look worse, chunks are missing from the buildings, the roof of the building on the right has the roof crashed into the floor of it, the background looks worse, and there's a small dark vortex on the far right of the stage. After 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the buildings loo completely ruined, the background is pure black, the dark vortex is a dark purple, and the vortex is larger. After a full 4 minutes, red static flashes on the screen for 2 seconds, and the stage returns to it's normal state, and the cycle repeats.

Stage Items: 
An assist trophy containing Blue Yoshi, Poochyena, or a Kirby Wheelie, is in the middle building. An IRL me can be seen cowering in one of the buildings standing up, and Evan can be seen standing in the building on the far left. Attack either me, or Evan to get them on your side.

Stage Music Tracks:…………………

hope you like this, Chicswag, because I have 2 or 3 other stages coming soon.
p.s, I found the image for the background on google images.
new Just Shapes and Beats ocs
My new ocs. Propell is female, and Spinner and Blast are males. 

Sarge - hrkdnfjrjrj 
JSAB - Berzerk Studios 
who should Ron be other than go-on gold in dht firey clash
1 deviant said
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Magi Yellow
No deviants said
Kamen Rider Gills
No deviants said
Uchuu Keiji Shaider
I have a new doki doki literature club fan game series I'm working on, called the Rebirth Doki series, starting with Doki Doki Rebirth Here's how you can help:
Sprite Creation/Editing - open
Music Making - Open
Coding - Open
Background/Art/Poem Creation - Open
Title Screen Creation - Open
here are the characters you can voice as part of DDR chapter 1 (so far):
Protagonist - Open
Sayori - Open
Aria - Open
Matthew - Open
Jack - Open
Jessica - Open
Kristalf (father of protagonist) - open
more characters and updates on the game will be coming soon will be coming soon, just wait.
Dark Chamomile Tea
for: :iconizzy-the-animatior: 

Evil Chamomile had his arm cut off. that's why he looks like that.
Part 1 a cold🥶 look but a warm🥵 heart

Baldi Jr was tired of waiting at the front door of the house for his dad, so he went out for a walk. On his wat, he accidentally bumped into a white and aqua-blue fox with black hair, an aqua-blue shirt torn at the torso and matching grey pants that had torn legs, with scars all over his stomach and arms. Baldi Jr reached out and said “are you okay?” but as soon as he asked, the fox just got up and backed away. Baldi Jr looked worried and asked the question again. “Are you okay?” The fox just shook his head and walked past him. Baldi Jr looked confused, but just brushed off what had happened and went off.

gift for Zeemmy99, sorry it’s not what you expected.

Baldi Jr - :iconzeemmy99: 
Baldi’s basics - MystMan12
The missing link part 1 (gift for Zeemmy)
Again, sorry if it’s not what you expected. If you want me to delete it, I will, Zeemmy99
Guys, I’m at war with Topaz-The-CrossCat73, but with you all, I will win this war.
Should I make more Kamen Rider oc sprite edits?
After making Zenko, I saw Kamen-Sentai do rider watches for his ocs, so I think I’ll make a few more.
Kamen Rider Hex
Azume: *puts Hex eyecon into ghost driver*
voice: eye! *hard jazz/rap style music plays* batchiri mire!
Azume: henshin! *pulls and pushes ghost driver lever* 
voice: kaigan! Hex! Jigoku e ikou, Chimei-teki ghost! 
credit to: Thunder025



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Ethan is the host of his first own object show. 

Ethan (host) - me

Omelet - open

Robot Balloony - open

Orange - open

Toy Car - open 

Berry - open

Screw - open

Twig - open

Tape Roll - open

Notepad - open

Pan - open

Chocolate Ball - open 

Chip - open

this will be my first ever object camp.


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Noah Gray
I'm a young artist who's been going through depression issues lately.


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