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By noahbradley
Wrote a new article on an issue that's been bothering me for a long time. Go read it and let me know what you think:…

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I hope that posting links doesn't come off as rude.  I just wanted to provide an example for anyone who wants to see female fantasy characters drawn in a way that gives them power, rather than making them sexualized objects.  

I would argue that they are beautiful, some I would say are even sexy, but in my eye, that is not the purpose of any of these characters.……………
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Thank you for this article
Bravo! And thank you!
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We need to put you on a truck and drive you around with a loud speaker. Related article:…
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Couldn't agree more, Noah. I find myself rather tired of the easy approach that artists tend to go for when it comes to women. The general portrayal of women in art/media either traditional and digital is something I really would like to see changing but sadly, it seems like we're still a long way from it.
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Excellent work! It's really annoying me too
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Out freaking standing. I first heard of you through Chris Oatley Podcast and wonder why did some artist send hate mail and I understand now and I applaud you sir. As an artist trying to learn how to draw women better and just learn how to paint this article hit me in the right place. 

-Thank you,
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Thank you! I really wish I could shake your hand. Once again, thank you. 
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I really really love this article of yours! Thanks for those amazing words. I as a woman am impressed and thankful. :heart:
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You expect male artists to voluntarily make their representations of women to be against their ideologies? Not gonna happen. I'll try my best though. :S
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After reading this article and looking through your gallery, it seems like you feel guilty and wrote this article for yourself.  Most, if not all of the women whose entire body is shown in your artwork are the exact depictions of what you claim "we need to stop doing" in our own art.  While I agree that there is an excess of "sexualized" works on this site and others, there are plenty that feature beautiful women depicted in a tasteful way.  I don't see you painting and/ or drawing any women that we would generally consider ugly.  People will always create what they want, that's what makes art great and terrible at the same time.  If you are upset or offended by what others are doing, then the only true difference you'll ever be able to make, is to not follow in their same path.  As the age old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. 
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Thumbs up you said it is boring at best , offensive at worst........
           First off, it's true that women are drawn this way, and it can cause objectification. I don't feel the sexualization of men and women alike is wrong - however, it is pervasive and has been for some time. I have to say though, that drawing women of different body types isn't going to solve the problem. These women would also be objectified.
            Personally, I never really noticed any of it while I was young. I'm character driven. A woman with large bosoms and long legs tells me nothing. A woman with average breasts and short legs tells me nothing. I'm more concerned with who they are. 
           I really feel that whether or not a woman is being or going to be objectified is up to the individual observer. For instance, the scanty armor of fantasy women might appeal to someone for objectification. When I think about that armor, I get annoyed because it isn't functional. However, the idea of a warrior woman is great in my head. She is a powerful, focused individual, who could kill me... so easily. I attach myself to what I imagine the characters Ideals or principles are more than to the characters breasts.
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I love this so much. the amount of people who do not understand the problem with the issue you talk about here is outstanding. i guess a lot of people really do want women to remain objectified. thank you so much for writing this, faith in humanity restored a bit <3
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As a woman who normally finds feminist movements ridiculous, I actually very much love this! And want to thank you for this. Part of why I usually don't vibe with feminist movements is that even females will portray themselves this way and/or expect to get special treatment for the body parts they have and claim it as wanting to be treated "equal" to men. If women want to be treated as equals, they should work as hard as any man, and there should be no special treatment or difference based on body parts. Real women who are strong that I look up to are treated equal to men because they respect themselves, not for being a women, but for being human, and they hold other humans equal in their views no matter the gender. I think the portrayal of women as objects often in art is an offense by both male and female artists, and I agree, it shouldn't be that way, even in fantasy. Thank you for writing this.
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dude, i don't see women "expecting better treatment", and honestly, i doubt you ever had, you just heard it a lot and believed it, i do not know where this myth comes from. how in the world do women NOT work as hard as men? i see internalized sexism in you. real, strong women who don't demand "special treatment" and are not "lazy" or however terrible you believe women are STILL get underestimated, valued for their looks and treated as sex objects all the damn time, at least in america (: let's not forget human trafficking and the ridiculously unrealistic beauty standards, leading to death in surgery tables and eating disorders. 

women are portrayed like objects in art because they are seen as objects in real life, so yeah, we need feminism very damn much in order to some day be complete people and not just things men like to fuck.
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Yes!! THIS!!
Thank you for writing this!!!
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I love this. Even the great pin-up artists add character to their women. 
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they do not!
i'm sorry for being nosy lol but they absolutely do not, higher that standard!
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Makes sense.  Fantasy armor for women is the worst- what a joke, it would get a lady killed.
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