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The Trials of Devotion

In the next week or so I'll be releasing a big tutorial on youtube of the entire process of this piece. Anybody interested in my working methods, or how to paint enviros should definitely watch out for it.
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Loved the You Tube tutorial with this painting!  Incredible work!
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I loved the big tutorial you made of this
it was awsome and it inspred me to start doing digital art again :)
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I watched a video of you painting this back in late July. It's what made me decide I wanted to start environmental painting.
This reminds me of an episode that played in Samurai Jack... Samurai Jack tries to climb a snowy mountain with some monks and he keeps saying: "It is impossible." Have you seen Samurai Jack?
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Learning so much from you, absolutely stunning. Thank you!!
Lovely work. I watched your four part video of this painting on You Tube. Having just finished my first digital painting of my own drawing following a technique from Creative Photoshop CS4, I realize a lot of things i did wrong.
Typically as always i went straight for the detail and started in the centre and worked my way out. I'm more than happy with the result but if i was to be critical the lighting and contrast feels a little flat and i haven't quite got the depth of the backgound in the distance. I enjoyed doing it tho.
Animation and illustration is more my forte, but your work is definitely inspiring. You can check out the painting at Love to know what you think if you have the time

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background is amazing.
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Watched your video :) then clicked on link to this
thank you so much it was probably one of the best art videos I have seen and I would recommend it to anyone :thumbsup: it answered allot of questions I had
Thank again :dance:
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Really amazing ! and an excellent job ;) but how do you know where you have to put the spots and how do you know the colors to use to finally have this realistic result ? Because i would want to try the digital painting but i never know where i have to put colors, the colors i have to use and i don't even know from what i have to begin first lol so i'm really desperate -_-
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Try checking out my video on youtube: [link]
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It was a great set of vids, cheers Noah. Also on a side note, I feel you should do audiobooks lol
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Haha, thanks. And I pretty much have: [link]
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Ah yer, I have looked at this vid. Its on the list to check out when my work is ready.
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I adored watching your video, your words moved beyond the technicalities that almost all tutorials seem to focus on and get to the heart of the piece, and the actual creativity of the art. You have re-inspired me, and I'm striving to learn to someday be as good at environments as you <3
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Well thank you. :)
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how long do these usally take you. they look so cool.
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what brushes did you use? settings, etc?
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thank you :) your work is phenomenal.
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awesome work man!
i am starting to learn about Environment and landscape art, and your youtube tutorial are helping me a lot

it is a bit different of my style of art, but i am trying new styles and mix with the tecnics i know... the style i use is a bit limited
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got this from ur youtube.. completely great.. i'm just starting out with concept and digital painting.
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Great art! Thanks for video.
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