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June 4, 2010
~noahbradley is a new environmental artist. Since a year he's been posting and The Journey Ahead is just one in a row of awesome work. Be sure to check his gallery as well!
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The Journey Ahead

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A poster print of this is hanging up at VCU! Were you in the communication arts department?
noahbradley's avatar
Yep! This piece helped me win a scholarship as well as showed up in one of the student shows.
calonarang's avatar
Very cool! If you don't mind, could you tell me a bit about the scholarship which you applied? I've been hoping to apply for a few this coming semester and your input would greatly help my research :)
noahbradley's avatar
It was the Mallory Callan scholarship that the CA department offers--they should do a posting about it at some point. I'll warn you: it ain't much money. ;)
LaNich's avatar
wow! gorgeous!
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enigmaticserenity's avatar
Incredible beauty + atmosphere AND tells a little story really well
Almajis's avatar
The way in which you play with illumination in this picture is very good.
ElseWhereLand's avatar
great work!=) does anyone else see a face on the closer rock? =D
leseraphin's avatar
Your painting is sooo beautiful. I love it
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Jackassbomb's avatar
Damn. The first thing what came to mind after looking at this was Steven Erikson's The Malazan Book of the Fallen. This just how I imagined some of the landscapes.
This is breathtaking. A mighty representation of ascension.

Thank You for this.
Living-with-aliens's avatar
The lighting used is really effective and looks beautiful :>
Jade-Cascade's avatar
Amazing!! Love the lighting :)
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Nebride7's avatar
Wow! Beautiful and mysterious.
GodRustang's avatar
one of the simplest descriptions for one of the collest pieces ever! classy^^
herm43506's avatar
How wonderful! The light on the sojourners and their destination connects them in wonderful ways.

Well done!
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Stunning artwork! :worship: The landscape is pretty with a nice look,that light that out of the "hole" from the sky on the background,floodlighting part of the mountain, emphasize the fantasy look. :wow: Congratulations by this work! :clap:
kaede-kit's avatar
Beautiful work. Especially with the lighting. c:
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