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The Coming Darkness

Painted for ImagineFX issue #91.

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This painting is amazing.  Any chance inspiration was taken from John Martins Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still? It bears a striking resemblance in composition. Just curious because I had to write a paper analyzing an old artist from the 1800's (I chose John Martin) then compare one of his works to a contemporary artwork.
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this is incredible. 
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The space between the mountains and the cloud gives it depth and scale that makes all the difference.
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For me it reminds me more of Gondolin, the Hidden City, from the Silmarillion.
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outstanding work! :thumbsup:
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remembered Gondor and Mordor opposite from LotR
Nice work
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Is that Minas Tirith or Gondolin?
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WOAH! this is beautiful. The lighting is stunning! I'd love to see more LOTR art like this :D
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but against the dark power that now rises there is no victory...all the east is moving
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Now THIS is the kind of work I call OUTSTANDING!!
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Even if the West shore is to the enemy, the White Tower is standing before them! Forth Eorlingas!!!
An original  interpretation, that change of P. Jackson's work. Very good Job.
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Love your environments
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Oh my heavens this is epic :D Gorgeous work. The landscape is just breathtaking!
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It's just wow - no words to describe it! Heart
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Quando la tempesta si avvicina, le tenebre incalzano... When the storm is coming, the darkness advances... :o (Eek) 
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this is soooooo beautiful.. a work out of pure epicness! +fav 

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Oh my god... This looks like something out of my story that I'm making. This is an instant fave!!!

You wouldn't mind if I used this for anything stor wise, would you? I'd obviously give you credit for this beautiful work of art if I can.
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DAT clouds *_*
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Deviantart featured you on facebook! Just wanted to let you know! :D
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