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Temple of Purity

By noahbradley
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Awesome work!
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I absolutely LOVE your works! :wow: You have a great eye for perspective and landscaping, a great sense of detail and color, and a whole lot of amazing talent. =) Keep up the good work!!
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very cool as always.
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I can just feel the lantern's light on my face. This is awesome.
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Love the simplicity of it. Great colour choices.
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wow the reflections of the lanterns on the blue/purple water looks magical ^^
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amazing atmosphere
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This, by far, HAS to be my utmost favorite piece of yours! I quite literally had to close my mouth when I realized my jaw had dropped. Fantastic!
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dem loose brush strokez!!!
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Haha, I actually thought this one was kinda tight. Eh, I never get too tight.
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the longer ones you work on for wizards are tight. most of the time. i think.
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I think so too.When I first started watching his art, I noticed more loose sketchiness and then when I saw this style, I noticed that significant difference; sharper lines, higher contrast, brighter lighting, stronger brush strokes. Overall a very polished, tight look :D

I generally prefer the look of loose brush strokes and sketchiness though :nod:
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say, what's that structure standin out there in the water ?
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That's a torii arch. :)
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i love the artistic aspects of asian culture...
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Outstanding, Noah! If I have any nits to pick, it would be that the foreground lanterns might benefit from some detail work. Also, what do you think about increasing the density of lanterns in the background, or slightly decreasing the concentration of them in the foreground?
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I agree--I did this a while ago, and looking back I wish I had indicated some details on the foreground ones. Live and learn, I suppose. :)
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