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еееее даендологи
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Wonderful…and a bit foreboding.  Great balance between the two.
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I love this It feeds the imaganaition to live there
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I love this one! Reminds me of the goblin town from the Hobbit!
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I . . . I want to go explore that
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holy unicorns.....
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This is absolutely amazing! The light, the detail, the design itself....GREAT JOB!
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Hi ! This picture is wonderful ! Might I use it in a fanfiction ? The characters have to explore a mine that matches this work. I'll of course credit you and erase the post if you don't want me to use the picture. Thanks :)
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How much would you charge to do 10-15 images like this (same res/level of detail, and style)?
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oh wow, it looks really like moria from lord of the rings^^
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I have always liked the idea of a place like this!
Really cool :) I like
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Love your works! 2 solutions: your mad or only talented... Genius are both.

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This is amazing! :)
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Is this a crevice?
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reminds me of "The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey"
nice work! and so much detail..
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