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Anger of the Gods

Copyright 2013 Wizards of the Coast
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© 2013 - 2021 noahbradley
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I'm sure you're aware of the meme status of your art?
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Gods:You done goofed.
DracowormArt's avatar
Very Awesome! Got lots of story into it!! :D
Meccaching70's avatar
Very nice pic!!! Thought of Peter Gabriel's song "Red Rain" when seeing this!! Lol :D
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Well, I gotta say, this is very good, it even reminds me of one of the 10 plagues of egypt from the bible, almost anyway.
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Hey Noah! I'm watching your Level Up session right now, thought I'd pause it because you said something that you hadn't expanded on. You mentioned you found an easy way to paint fire while doing this piece, is there any link you can share online that would give me an idea of what you meant by that, or a process? Thanks! :)
AprilMcGuire's avatar
I jumped the gun, my friend. I think you explained it 33mins in. But it was too important not to ask! :)
Kotarow's avatar
HAha it's somewhat hilarious. Stunning artwork :)
coalesceny's avatar
"And on top of it, I forgot my homework!!!"
BrutalityInc's avatar
"Aw crap! What did we do this time?!"
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love the color of that flames
Patxi-Landa's avatar
Very nice work. I like that look between actual digital and classic.
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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Love this, so imaginative. The use of colours is beautiful :)
SmurfTrail's avatar
Man... Breathless!
ScarletAtlas's avatar
AWESOME!!!!! fallen fire from heaven
mariouchiha's avatar
ho ho ho....amazing.....*...*
HeroesFanboy138's avatar
You know, I have to wonder, what did this guy do to anger the gods so much they make it rain fire on him? 
Matlaka78's avatar
All those warm colors really fit in with the trees!
Absyntha94's avatar
I really like the colors :)
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