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another poster for the upcoming online game(Xuanyuan).the rabbi playing with a summoned dragon,done in 2008,but the dragon is not in Chinese style:(..
20hours maybe,Photoshop Cs2 X Intous3,hope u like it.
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Another great artwork!
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did u use alot of textures and overlay them on each range ? @@
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Wonderful o____o
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sick gallery dude
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Wow! The detail on this is amazing!
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This is awesome!!!!! Amazing, even!!
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Almost looked like a battle for a dragonball...Really kool colors and textures, by the way!
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Fantastic texturing on dragon to look and feel leathery, love the coloring too.
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Here is a worm's eye view done right although I think you took a little creative license with the view of the dragon's head. I love the textures used in the ice and on the dragon's body. It makes up for it not having any actual scales. Plus, that may very well be the hottest rabbi I've ever seen.
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這是真棒 並感謝你,我會去檢查網絡遊戲所謂的軒轅
once again awesome
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So cool =D. Love the way you did the dragon ^^.
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"Hope I like" is an understatement. More like, "please don't cry from jealousy".
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Words are lacking to express how impressed I am..x.x
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Very dynamic imagery. Wonderful work.
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So epic and fantastic!!
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So awesome. .. <333
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wowwwwww! great work!
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As always - Amazing. excellent. Great.
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