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longing for the reminiscents of my elysian field...

among the first experimentals/tests for doing for environmental works...

lineart - [link]

The Environmentals:
Lost Castle
Ancient Tree
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Kinda looks like it could be a smash bros stage lol
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Artist confirmed.
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Huh. it won't load, for some reason.
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I love those columns!
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wow dreamy thats all i can think of :)
The rent is just too damn high there.
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Id live there
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Of all the paintings on DA - and everywhere else - I've seen, this is my favorite. This is far more than stunning. . .
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Amazing composition, love the way the path leads from the statues half-head, and the colours are gorgeous!
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Beautiful. I want to go there.
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Wow, this is magnificent!
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Really nice!

Actually, this one reminded me of the old Star Trek episode The Cloud Minders and what their cloud city Stratos might have come to look like in following decades/centuries had the reformation of that (artistically minded) people not come out the way that Kirk and company expected (it would have been interesting fodder for some TNG episode, to be sure, showing that not everything comes out for the better ... pity you weren't one of that show's conceptual artist).
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Your pieces are really imaginative, detailed, and have so much depth and symbolism. I like the sky in this one.
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You are very talented and hope you keep up the great job. I'm still working on my first painting and on digital over all. I was thinking about a fan art but I have so many ideas on my mind that I just want to it on painting. Right now I'm working on shades/light and colours and fortunately everything looks clearer little by little everyday. Well, I'm looking forward to see future projects of yours in the future. ;)
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Love your work, beautiful and very imaginative :)!
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This is marvelous!
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this is pure genius, im in awe. :)
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Amazing image.
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