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September 30, 2006
.sinner.ii. by *noah-kh is simply incredible. This is a great portrayal of how the lust for power and control doesn't always turn out as expected.
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perhaps, you remember his older brother, the sinner: [link]

this man
sealed the life of the woman he loved
inside his sword
sold his soul to
the devil
forsook love and companions
all for the attainment of power
to become a deicide.

painter6. this story/book of mine is still going on, taking shape, and their worlds are slowly evolving ^^
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OneMatter's avatar
That picture speaks volumes
CrowleysPyramid's avatar
Just out of curiousity... how does he HOLD it/her? :confused:
Cellosrcool2's avatar
Utterly gorgeous Mutation of an Art piece, this is.
hatake-amber's avatar
so beautiful, and creepy. I love how you can draw a person and a sword together it looks so cool.
mohawkmoose's avatar
well that just amazing
YaroDango's avatar
Looks to be a great story, if it's as well done as this piece is. :D

Really love the color on it, and the attention to detail, even in the background. ^^
HappyLittleBird's avatar
his expressions really makes the piece.
ArthurAngelus's avatar
this is beyond GODLIKE!!!! but theres one thing.... i cant seem to tell where the other leg is @.@ but the details is AMAZING
goriron's avatar
Excelent work! Beksinski-Giger inspiration :D
Caprifoliaceae's avatar
I Love all of your work because it's all so intricate, but all flows so well that your eyes are taken all over the piece. I love your work
BlkJade's avatar
WOW ~ Truly wicked... The depth of detail is totally and unbelievably gorgeous... Beautiful work...J
drop-asd's avatar
Omg, what detail, omg, what detail, omg, what detail...! :omfg:
KrimsonBloodwork's avatar
This is amazing. Your ideas are awsome!
oneone11's avatar
so beautiful~

LeandroGarel's avatar
GTT-ART's avatar
Morbid and beautiful
EndlessObsession's avatar
That's an incredeble story behind this picture!!
TrilleDiabolo's avatar
The woman looks lovely, and the background looks all, natural, its really nice.
Cetix's avatar
That's amazing, but eh, how dose he lift the sword?
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