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pain, a word lost to him
kill, the meaning to live


he slay.

done in early jan this year. didn't have chance to come online and post..

right arm of the devil's he walks his path with no fear, no regrest.. kills anyone.. even gods and angels.

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Now this is, as I would say, the bare escense of manga & anime. This character has it all, icluding the short introduction. Great ;)
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Amazing, feels like I can reach in and pick up that shoulder cannon!
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Man, i love your art!
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Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101:
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i think it's better you didn't give the border O.O
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i absolutely love your style. Beautiful and inspirational work. What programs and techniques do you use in your digital paintings?
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You are high skilled obviously...not only by hte visual side your characters got soul and atmosphere of enviromet in painting makes me want to breath it.

like to see a real painting from u it would be great

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this is frigging sick!!!!! :D
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I love this.
no comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:-) You must have a lot of fun detailing you pics. very awsome work. i can't get enough of your work!!!!! love it!!! it is soooo fantastic!!!! :onfire:
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Je suis épaté par votre Travail, super, créativité, Recherche, colorisation ... Chapeau bas! redingote Continue
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wow thats amazing


i love how you make the impossible possible

l:#1:l :wow::wow:
i love your realistic work . [i like all ur work] thanks so much for all this beautiful art to see T___T (<was a little art deprived) keep up your great work

brilliant and so amazing.
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very cool! I hope I will be able color/draw like that one day
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Very cool picture :)
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Hello there,
Your stunning piece of work, has been featured in my latest News Article : Stunning Digital Painting You may find this one, here : [link] So hopefully, you'll have a look at it and enjoy and maybe even a little :+favlove: will be wonderful !
Thanks for your support, again congratz !

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impresionante! i like... oh! wow
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Kettles and teapots! Kettles and teapots! Kettles and teapots! Kettles and teapots!!!
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i really adore your orinality that you put into your paintings... and i would just like to say that these would be very good concept designs for some kind of mmorpg or macabre fantasy video game.but anyways great job and keep up the good work.
Hands pull him toward an endless abyss
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