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in search of ancient secrets, hidden within the depth of time...


Something done earlier last year, Photoshop. I know I've disappeared for a while, sorry about it. I promise I'll post more frequently. Thanks for your concerns and emails all this time~

© Kuang Hong
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© 2008 - 2021 noah-kh
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2 good for comment...
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wow awesome work!
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looks like a necromancer is at work^^

great artwork!
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Thats $%#@ing Sick...
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I like the soulless look on the main character, as if an important part of him has died along with the dragon.
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It immediately creates a story in my mind. To me, those are the best images of any kind. Beautiful work.
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This is really, really badass! There's something about this that just makes me smile. Good work.
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fiuuuuu. U are a crazy painter
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Now THAT is sick!
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*tilts head* How does it stay upright? Beautiful back lighting though:+fav:
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Hmm, i myself dont like fantasy much.. but i must say, I like this one. the colours uve used here are just spectacular! Great work!
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Beautiful lighting. :)
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this has that feeling of ancient power. nice.
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Wow, amazing. Lots of gorgeous detail! :heart: The lighting of the rising sun is stunning! :D
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nice colors and details.
You did an awesome job :P
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really cool!
there's no other description for this masterpiece!

Now that is really cool.
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