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a daughter of the nights and chaos,
into the abyss of ebony
she was robbed.

awaking, she saw charon stood
asking in no words, she held in her silence
they crossed the acheron,
where beyond, lucifer awaited.

playing her final symphony
to hell, the seraphim were called.

i realized i haven't uploaded in a while..

The others:

© Kuang Hong
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The Song she was playing was nothing. As in Silence. Extrapolate.

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¡¡¡¡ BEAUTIFULL !!!!!!
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beautifull render and concept
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Awesome work! ..... and she looks so sweet too ;)
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It's awesome :D
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Seraphim  The first of the nine----Fantastic
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I knew I recognized this. I have a book with this painting in it; it's incredible.
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one of the best I've seen, wonderful contrast in coloring, the violin and bow is a masterful stroke of story telling, I'd love to see more like this one.
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This pic is amazing, One day I'll draw as well as you =)
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This is so amazing, lovely and breathtaking!
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sure i saw this image as part of a motivational picture on bards .. awesome work I love her expression.
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How do you come up with such great drawings?
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Thats awesome!!! reminds me of Alice in Wonderland
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I saw this in a gothic art book years ago! I'm so glad I found the artist who created this! Amazing work ^_^
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Woah, I've had this as my wallpaper forever, and I just came across another of your paintings which led me to your profile which led me to this. Happy day!
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This is amazing Ive had this picture for awhile now, but wasnt sure who made iy cause on the one I have it is cropped off, but I have to say I love this picture it is absolutely amazing!
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This is just my favourite thing ever.
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Such great colors here, you are truly an awesome artist.
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I hope you don't mind that I pin this.
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I like the execution so much! She looks like a skillful bride!
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