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The Ancient Tree is viewed as the connecting element between Heaven and Earth, it's life relies upon the vim of the two. Hidden deep within it, lay the secrets and treasures that many seek.


photoshop, no references.

originally made it for my current game as a concept work but in the end i just saved it as a photoshop practice..

The Environmentals:
Lost Castle
Sky Castle
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I have always liked this one, and in class we were asked to bring a pic to start learning oils with :3
this is what i could do, thank you so much
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Hello! Your work has been featured here [link] Please, +:heart: the article if you like it, so that more people can see it ;)
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You are so talented that its hard for me to understand how you can even create such a beautiful thing, it's wonderful and I feel like I can look at your work all day and never get tired of seeing your creativity unfold.
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Gorgeous Work!! :clap:
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That is stunning. Absolutely stunning. Not only is the amazing color, detail, (and well everything) stunning, but the sheer SIZE of the tree compared to the human there. It's awesome!
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Like the way it goes up into the sky.
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Totally awesome!
rekova's avatar
Totally awesome!
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Simply amazing, great idea and execution!
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Another vista that draws in my imagination.
Mystical-snow-child's avatar
i love it. i like how you put that person there so we could take in how big that tree is. i like how u intertwined the trunk. it's absolutly beautiful.
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cool. awesome job keep it up.
Furrylittleproblem12's avatar
Your work is so good it actually cheers me up :bounce:
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Beautiful details
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One thing I love about your work is the incredible amount of detail you put into each piece that not having time to view it completely could almost qualify as a legitimate excuse.
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Gaah I love all of your Environmentals! Your art is reminiscent on John Howe's; the artist for the Lord of the Rings films.
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Ygddrasil. ^^

wow, i love how the ocean is pouring over the edge. the ends of the earth, as they say.

i'd be curious as to what some of that machinery is.

luvs, AllE K.
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Your work is incredibly amazing! Do you also work in traditional mediums?
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This is so beautiful!
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it always feels like your work could be part of those fantasy movies. publish this famously and you'll get your biggest hits! ^^ i love how the water goes over the house flawlessly without damaging it and how it turns into land and water....
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Godz your work is amazing! Love the detail, and mystical feel of it..
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