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The journey

A mercenary protected a Caravan acrossing through a desert,this is a dangerous journey.
5-6hours work,all in photoshop,intous 4 9*12.hope you like it:)
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Oh yeah, I do like it!
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I really like it except there is absolutely no bend in the beast's neck until the last vertebrae.
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This is awesome. Beautifully done. I like it very much!

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Holy Shizz!... This is epic!
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only five or six hours? It's masterful...

I could spend as long just browsing your gallery! Really like this one.
This is absolutely beautiful....u hv a very surreal imagination
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This piece just blows me away! The movement in it is spectacular! Awesome awesome job!
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DD deserved :)
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Dude with the gun looks kinda like Dante from Devil May Cry. (The old Dante. Not the new one.) Still, AWESOME JOB!!!
oh my god, your art is so cool!
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Reminds me of Lord Of the Rings the third movie, when the huge elephants attack or what ever.
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Love the angle and textures in this.
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You are an amazing artist, really admire your work!


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Are u some kind of game artist? cause I would play all your games xD (:
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Very nice; has a very Clint Eastwood kinda feel, and a style that's like a western Devil May Cry. Very cool. :)

I saw this piece of art and thought it would be perfect for a contest I’m working on right now.

I’m looking after Sony at Gamescom 2012 and am running a competition to find art inspired by games.

If you send through your work it could be printed on canvas and showcased at a panel event hosted by some of the biggest names in gaming and live streamed to the world! All details in the link.


Good luck if you decide to enter and please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested.

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oh my word, this is awesome to the extreme
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you prefer photoshop or painter??
really like the color scheme and prespective - great job ^-^
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