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The Tutelary

a poster done for a net game "Xuan Yuan", 2008.
a warrior summons his tutelary to fight with the boss
Photoshop, 10-15hours, intous wacom3. hope you guys like it.

i've also published a set of postcard collection, there's free shipping till 31st dec. check it out here: [link]
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great painting
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amazing work man one of the best gallerys ive seen
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AMAZING DETAIL, i love the energy in this piece!
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your pictures are super-awesome.
Great dark arty style with detailed monsters etc.
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all your work is the details....well, and the ideas are amazing ofcourse
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such an amazing painting style you have :)
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Woah! The Details! The Colours! The Fight! The ...*falls off chair* ...

That's 100% !!!
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Before I read the description I was thinking the following:

Little guy: "STOP IGNORING ME!!!!"
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this is amazing i love the grittiness of the detail on each warriors skin.. or the raging lava swirling by them
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Im curious about this Xuan Yuan games after seeing all of your beautiful curious do they have an English format of this game?
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i really envy you
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now this is one hell of a could see that this place is soon going to be a Warzone, this is very nice.
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"Hope you guys like it."

Is that a serious statement? Of course we like it!

Can it be so good we hate it?
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That's just awesome work, there!
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the detail is amazing! awesome art :)
ne of my favorites by you man. Stunning... and how the hell you pulled it off in 10-15 hours on photoshop is astonishing.
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