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A recently work,the feeling of this is similar to my old work"bride of lucifer".But this one was all finished in Photoshop.
Katherine used to be a daughter of a duke before she died,and was falling with a groom. In order to smash her mirage,the dad killed the groom,in spite of the groom didnot know anything about that Katherine loved him.after that,Katherine lost her memories and died in a river. Death love her dulcet singing voice,then keep her soul to sing for the dead people who was crossing over the Styx.
I wrote a poem for it in Chinese,but my english is not good enough to support me to translate is:(.
but i still hope you love it,I was listening to NIGHTWISH's music while i was drawing:).
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Backgrap yourself.

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That looks amazing!

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amazing, love it and very nice with some background info about it too
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Wow! Truly amazing work!
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woar. So very nice
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Wow! Good job!
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This is truly beautiful! And I like the story that goes with it.
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Great composition and atmosphere, amazing job! Love your technique :)
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wow! so much perfection to look at!
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Great composition! Love the detail as well :)
Hey! My name is Henry! Im a senior concept artist in games and am now making the leap into graphic novels. I need a colorist to color my work (asap) and would love to either (A) commission you to paint 5 pages or offer you a percentage of the kickstarter launch. please let me know either way!


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I delighted! That's wonderful
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It's so stunning. It takes my breath away. All the colours and details are perfectly matched. I'm so in love with Your works <3
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This is amazing work here. You have some serious photoshop skills
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Masterful piece of art! :worship:
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Macabre'ly beautiful

I love listening to Nighwish. The Kinslayer or End of All Hope would go good with this work
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