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Playing card

"Hi, Kitty, why do we have five Aces here?"
"Eh?! What? Did I count wrong.....??"
"Are you kidding me? If you cheat, i'll cut off your little paws!!!"
"No, no, no, I'm not....."
"Let me see your tail!"
"Miaow........!" *sweat*
"You F*****************.............!!!"

Sorry I've made this conversation a little stupid! I drew the sketch when I was in Singapore, and now I finally have time to finish it. I'll never forget the happy feeling when i was drawing it, I hope u guys like it too, thanks. All in photoshop Cs5.

I also made a special edition for desktop,here is the link: [link]
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That feeling is the greates feeling in the world and it bled through really nicely into your work! This is very well done and a piece that cant help but make me smile! :D I was hunting for artists for my inspiration folder, and I found a new wallpaper as well :D
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Haha I love the cat's face. XD
christ! a cardsharp cat using a spherical table---s'funny
th3w0rld's avatar
omg! so beautiful and hilarious 0_o
sda1617's avatar
are those bicycle cage gardens? they look like it. the cards i mean
DreamON-Mpak's avatar
Amazing..Great job!
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Insane! I like it ^^
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Incredible detail. Great job with this.
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How can you draw this good? this looks impossible to draw.. are you the drawingborn?
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There are so many things about this picture! The giraffe's face is so cute, the cat is so nicely made, her face and clevage!, the anatomy, the leather shining, the light on the globe, ... arr, I am amazed at this!
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Wow...blown away by the detail!! truly inspirational
Austh's avatar
auhuahau Hilarious!!
TheBIub's avatar
hehe nice ...amazing work whit the details ...and that sweet little cat :)
ishimitsu's avatar
OMG !! love it ! <3
i-r-m-a's avatar
i absolutely love the giraffe!
i-r-m-a's avatar
love the giraffe :D
hatefree's avatar
i'm laughing really damn hard when i saw the girl is hiding one card too..pretty awesome as the rest..
Mozzlan's avatar
that conversation fittet perfectly x3 cant belive how goodlooking ur art is! and that girl is rly hawt and still rly cewl :3!
atomic-dream's avatar
Love, Love, Love the concept, the composition, the detail...and the giraffe!!! Really cool :meow:
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