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God of the forest

By noah-kh
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A druid is summoning the god of the forest to protect his tribe.
in photoshop,about 7 hours work or more.
Chinese new year and the valentine's day will be the some day in 2010.Happy new year and valentine's day my wishes for you and your love:)
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More like tree of the forest, lmao.
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Klavs-Ferdinand-02Professional Digital Artist
impressive work
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Do you also implement parts of fotos or is it all brushwork? :)
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KaguronHobbyist Traditional Artist
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it isnt minecraft ctfu >:((((( i hat u feggit 

lol add me on snapchat for nudz and minecraft fidget spinner vids :3
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MarkKornich1Student Digital Artist
         rainbow flag flapping +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel omy i adore this art<3+~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel rainbow flag flapping 
rainbow flag flapping +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel the coloring is very intreasting to!+~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel rainbow flag flapping 
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syam-arifinProfessional Digital Artist
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Looks creepy like a lovecraftian god tree :D
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xxTIDxxStudent General Artist
I can't even, just, wooow 😍😍😍😍
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Ares-WolfHobbyist General Artist
omg this is so beautiful :00
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great picture!!
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vx1Professional Interface Designer
looks like a bit of work there
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So, why isn't this a fave?
1) Well the lighting is the most important thing here. To me, the conflict between the light of the sky and the blue, magical light from the creature and the stones is at odds. If you want to personify a deity, you must wholly own the setting and the light is part of that. You have to make the creature the light that dominates the conversation and the sky wins this picture's unspoken argument.
2) The second, and much less important part, is the painting style. Once again there seems to be two styles at work. The air-brushed waterfall and sky look GREAT! The well-defined stone from the waterfall is tantalising with it's lines and definition. However the ground nearby seems to have been done much quicker and the clash of styles once again throws the tone.
All-in-all a good work and these are the two things keeping it from being a great one.
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PaperPencil23EZStudent Traditional Artist
This is so good I want to kill myself.
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MGuillonHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful painting! Do you use to make tutorials?
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TakenVortexHobbyist Traditional Artist
fuck, i cant even make a straight line in 7 hours haha
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VixenandIndigoProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my god, this stunning! you really achieved something special here!!!
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This is so amazingly beautiful o.O 
I hope you don't mind when I use it on my blog? ( Of course just as an illustration and of course all the credit will go to you ;)
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Amazing, awesome picture. I love the detail and color shades
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GY-LinHobbyist Digital Artist
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Melancholeric Digital Artist
Holy Shit this is amaze balls 😳
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the1dragon1girlStudent Digital Artist
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lovetina0726Professional Digital Artist
amazing work!!!!!
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