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Dust knight

please don't relate this character to any story,novel,game…etc,i had nothing as reference for this one.
this man is a vagabond,a hero in my mind.he may have some very sad life stories,and lost him lover and family, been along for many the cruel environment,he just smile when he is in extremely danger.for the evil,he is a death.
i struggle for the ideal all the time those years,i have forced to face difficult,despair,temptation,loneliness…those things just like the ghosts in the image,and i want be this man,destroy all those things,just keep drawing in my way.i like he,have no more property,no stable life,he use weapons,my weapon is a pen.the only different is that i have a bunch of friends,and never lose my dream,sometimes, i think i'm a very rich man.
all in Photoshop cs 3,intuos 9*12, favorite one:).can someone can make a story for him?
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This picture is AMAZING!
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Hi, can I use this for my Dubstep Track that I'll be uploading on youtube? thanks :D
I'll provide a link on the description and your artist name.
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makes me think of Lord Godfrey
Nice! Very nice!
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Cool work. Shows great talent!
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Now he seems bad ass
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I've commented before on this piece, but I still find it one of the most stirring images on DA. It's right up there with Bluefley's "Impossible Love", but somehow there is something more.... inspirational?.... here. I don't know. I keep seeing this guy in my mind, taking hits, getting knocked down, but always getting back up, like he is the last line of defense protecting something precious from an onslaught of evil. He's barely staying ahead, and yet it looks like he has a strange calm about him, like this life of a warrior is all he knows, and failure has never been an option. This guy is a figure of triumph in my mind, and if you thanked him for his efforts, I see him just smiling, taking little credit, and just reloading for the next battle. Great work! Probably I like this one of yours the best, though I realize it's nowhere near the newest. Keep it up!
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this guy is freakin hugeee oxo
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It reminds me of ps2 game darkwatch... It was great time... although your work is awesome
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Crazy illustration style. the character is special. keep up the good work.
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It looks somehow totally shut off.
I like. >w<
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dude u know to draw like this ofc u are rich man
You make everyone else's art look like half-assed stick figures scrawled on the back of a knapkin at a cheap fast-food restaraunt!! (Your art is amazing!! :D)
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I will try to write a story for this strange character, but the translation from Italian to English, definitely will not make justice to the original narrative. So, I'll post in both language and i'll link you when is finished.
How long you want it to be the story?
That age has this character?
And at the end, this character has a name?
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thats sweetness right there my friend. just amazing over all![link]
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I'm in love! I want to be his girlfriend!
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Great image! He is a quiet, brooding warrior. The story I see here is not a simple one, as he looks like one who would understand that not all who look good are, and similarly for the evil. Only a lifetime of pain and hard reality can teach that. He looks weathered and tough, like one who doesn't do the right thing because he wants to feel good about himself, but because he just never allowed himself any other choice, and he will die fighting if that's what it takes.
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It saddens me to think that you, with all this imagination and ability still find difficulties. :(
Awesome image. Radiates raw power for me. :D
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love it....reminds me of dante form devil may cry
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