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Dust knight



please don't relate this character to any story,novel,game…etc,i had nothing as reference for this one.
this man is a vagabond,a hero in my mind.he may have some very sad life stories,and lost him lover and family, been along for many the cruel environment,he just smile when he is in extremely danger.for the evil,he is a death.
i struggle for the ideal all the time those years,i have forced to face difficult,despair,temptation,loneliness…those things just like the ghosts in the image,and i want be this man,destroy all those things,just keep drawing in my way.i like he,have no more property,no stable life,he use weapons,my weapon is a pen.the only different is that i have a bunch of friends,and never lose my dream,sometimes, i think i'm a very rich man.
all in Photoshop cs 3,intuos 9*12, favorite one:).can someone can make a story for him?
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This picture is AMAZING!