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IC: Shion by ayshaw
Nezumi Icon by RibbonDrop
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True lies, fake truths by fakelines

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NO.6 MEME WOOP by WhiteChoko
Our group :iconno6-fc: was found on 23rd May in the last year, from two guys to 2000+ members. I am so glad to say I love all you guys!❤

At this moment, I wanna say: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

The anime No.6 accompanied us through three months, from July to late September. How time flies! The anime was stopped at 11 episodes, but this was a starting point of another brand new STORY of Sion and Nezumi.
No.6 brought us happiness, tears and deeply moved.  I can still remember Sion and Karan's smiles, Nezumi's songs, Safu's tears and Inukashi's dogs. I love every characters from No.6.

Thanks for Atsuno Sensei wrote this fiction.
Thanks for noitaminA and Bones made this animation.
Thanks for Kaji and Hosoya san acted the voices of Sion and Nezumi.
Thanks for YOU watched this FANTASTIC STORY and joined this group.❤

And I must thank :iconusagiren: as well, she helped me a lot for contributing the group.
In the following days, we promise our staff will still go on contributing and managing of it.
If you have any message, please tell us and we will try best to help you!

Hopefully see any annivesary fanart or fanfiction in the following week, althrough it's really hard.XP
Feel free to leave anything here, enjoy it!
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Hey everyone, welcome to join our :iconno6-fc: group!

The purpose of this Fan Club is to unite & seek for people who love the story of NO.6. It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of the anime, the manga, the novel or all three, we welcome and are glad to see you joining the group!


IMPORTANT SITES :iconmiceplz:

◆ Anime Official Site →
◆ Wikipedia Page →
◆ NO.6 Wiki on Wikia →
◆ Translated Novel (On-going) → ninteenpointzerofour.wordpress……


Q&A :iconmiceplz:

★How to join us?

It's very simple to join us, just Press "JOIN IN" at the top of the homepage and you will be automatically accepted!

★How do I contribute my artwork into this group?

There are many methods to complete your submiting!>3<
▶You can try searching for our group name #No6-FC while you're submitting your artwork.
▶Press "SUBMIT ART" at the top of our homepage!
▶Go to our gallery, click on "SUBMIT TO THIS GALLERY" on the top right and find the piece which you want to submit, then Press "SUBMIT ART"

Then please wait patiently for us to approve your submission. Don't worry, we accept most of them.

★How do I get my artwork featured?

We put all the high quality works in this folder.

If your artwork is not in this folder, it doesn't mean your piece is bad or ugly. It just means it didn't meet all the requirements ^q^. So please don't feel bad about it and don't stop submitting! Every piece is pretty in its own way!

These are the few qualities we look for:
○ Must be colored or shaded. (Black and white is fine too)
○ Usually CG or large/medium sized piece.
○ Work have a great amount of details
○ Nice atmosphere

★How do I become a contributor in this group?

We welcome everyone here to become a contributor. This means we give everyone a fair chance. Please note you must submit at least 3 artwork (cosplays included, not stamps or icons) to our group before you send your application.

★How do I affiliate with this group?

Just click "Affiliate" on the top of your home page and type in our group name. We will accept the request most of the time with a valid reason ^ ^. We welcome all affiliations!



:bulletpurple: No foul mouthing/rude comments
:bulletpurple: DO NOT post any hate comments about any characters in the series. Don't like them, just ignore them.
:bulletpurple: DO NOT submit artworks that are NOT yours (If it's stamps and Icons, please make it clear who the original author is)
:bulletpurple: DO NOT steal any artworks unless you have the permission from the artist
:bulletpurple: DO NOT submit or post anything that is not related to NO.6
:bulletpurple: If the piece have mature content, please put the mature content filter on before you submit
:bulletpurple: Last but not least, respect others and try to have as much fun as you can!










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Anyone want to take my Nezushi reunion poll?…
brechdaslicht Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Is anyone moderating this group? I've been trying to submit for a whole month now. The request expires every time.
thecoldforest Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hi, I'm thecoldforest. I just joined and I have some pics from the manga that I colored in but I can't put them in the Photo Edit folder...did I do something wrong?
Tawii-Kitsune Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for accepting :happybounce:  :3
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Hi ! Please help us…
We want N6 in France ! Sign our petition please :) 

Thanks ! 
rafika-farhani Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
before i join this group..
i would like to ask..
can i submit this kind… art?? 

thank you (_ _)
MystiqueCabare Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013   Traditional Artist
Hi :D I just entered the group and , I would like to ask something hehe ( still in the depression phase after finishing No.6) is the novel stil on going ? an the manga ? ( cuz when I searched it I only found until a certain part and that was already covered in the anime). Sry for the big question hehe btw ty for accepting me !
moonlitnights14 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
hi! manga i think should be continued (maybe in japan) but if i remember correctly it's been on hiatus since december 2012 or something... if your curious as to how the ending goes, check the anime because they completed it o.o
im guessing the manga will be finished because kondansha in the u.s (company that published fairy tail in america) is starting to sell no. 6 in english i believe... and im guessing they'll continue or already done. you can try emailing them!

eizro Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
the fiction is finished, but the manga is still going on.:)
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