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Adventure Time

By no26
Been awhile since I coloured anything!
Pedro and I were talking about working together again and when he mentioned Adventure Time, I really couldn't resist!

So here it is!

available at cons I believe?

line-art and touch-ups: :icongreatlp:
colours: me!

*EDIT* WOAH! a DD, thats a first! :) thanx guys! *EDIT*
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LorenzoAndre's avatar
Whoa. I think I have seen this kind of art style somewhere but I can't remember! Awesome!
DarthTriforce's avatar
Wooow, really loving the artwork and the colours it's amazing ^^
reizosaurus-64's avatar
:D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) :| (Blank Stare) rainbow horse looks like birdo:mario: Dramatic Kangaroo Stare o
CandyLand901's avatar
She look more like the peashooter from plants vs zombie
ShmugWolf14VIP's avatar
This cartoon reminds me of the kids next door :|
datrain's avatar
this Is fantastic and this show is great and funny btw!
ericcoolman's avatar
it's good, but you made finn look like a douche, just throwing that out there.
Katara1111's avatar
Number One, is that you?!

Very awesome drawing, I love it! :).  Your style is very awesome! :highfive:
TreshLA's avatar
This is amazing!
PerXene's avatar
Hello, I am doing a file on 'fanart', and yours is one of the better ones I have ever seen. May I have your permission to make a cover of it?
TheAcTiViSioN's avatar
I create a new game with Finn and Jake for sales of Apple and Android. I need good artists to draw and animate characters lightly.
The work is not free! All those wishing to create a game write me in Skype: "Prosevere" or Icq: "362543289".
KMT4ever's avatar
It looks awesome in basically every way, but yet again Lady is drawn like some sort of sucker fish. It looks totally ridiculous.
JayTheGhostBoy's avatar
its got that comic stripy or graphic look
Nice Job! Bold colors, excellent shading, and epic poses.
CSGComics's avatar
This show is so stupid... I LOvE IT!!!
thehintguy's avatar
prince-123's avatar
seriousdog's avatar
Heck, this style makes it look like an epic comic! I love this!
BunnyFitzgerald's avatar
I love the energy :)
LunaMoon2000's avatar
Is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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