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No Wrong Answers! by HelenaBomber No Wrong Answers! :iconhelenabomber:HelenaBomber 176 32 Baldi's Basics by merulae-aspectu Baldi's Basics :iconmerulae-aspectu:merulae-aspectu 221 6
Abandoned (Luffy x Reader) Chapter 12
~Regular P.O.V~
The Strawhat crew members, excluding their captain, had taken down the higher members of the Jet crew. Although they all had their wounds, the crew were all relatively unscathed. The unconscious or brutally wounded pirates were swept off to the side unceremoniously and laid forgotten near the shore.
The eight members all recovered in the clearing. Some laid on the grass; Usopp and Brook. Others just wandered around or stood silently.
Chopper was bent over an unconscious ______, worriedly tending to the wound through her abdomen. He'd found that the sword had miraculously missed any main arteries and hadn't punctured anything too dangerous.
His only worry was the amount of blood that was escaping the wound.
The reindeer heard the sound of footsteps on the dry leaves and twigs in the forest. He noted it was Luffy and Koinu from their scents and ignored their arrival.
Koinu split from Luffy and helped Kiru off to the side of the clearing, assisting the man as he sat
:iconbloodthirstypixie:BloodthirstyPixie 35 12
What You Don't Know (Luffy x Reader)

“Go away.”
“Not until you play with us.”
“Not interested.”
“Come on (Y/N), it’ll be so much fun!”
“Go (Y/N),” Nami sighed.  “He won’t stop bothering you until you go.”
“Then why don’t you do it?”
“I’m getting a tan here!”
I rolled my eyes at her ridiculous answer; Nami never wanted to do anything unless it benefitted her.  Usually, I don’t mind occupying our captain, but this time I wanted to relax with a good book too.  While I was huffing at her, I noticed that Luffy was still staring at me with his questioning face with his head tilted.
“So are you going to play?”
I got up from my place sitting next to Nami and pushed Luffy back.
“Not today Luffy, I just want to have a little time for myself.  Why don’t you go and ask Franky, I’m sure that he’s done working on the plu
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 116 7
Strawhats x Reader: Oblivious(Oneshot)
You are the most dense person in the whole Strawhats crew, there wasn’t anyone else who could be more denser than you are. You are intelligent and knowledgeable, know many things and are always eager to try something new. You have always been a strong fighter, never hesitate to protect your friends and in what you believe in. You help out everyone if they ever needed a helper, you were there when your friends are in troubles or in a time of depression. Everyone loves you, and some think of you more than just a normal friends....You however, are obviously oblivious to all of this.  
It was a nice day with no sign of bad weather, the sun shine brightly along with the white clouds up in the sky that were moving across the great blue horizon. You are currently leaning onto the railing, dozing away as the breezes keeps the heat away. Everything was quiet and calm, until Luffy yelled “(y/n)!! Play with me!” You snapped awake, the quiet and pleasant atmosphere left. Whe
:iconwhitepegasus7749:WhitePegasus7749 70 15
Child!LuffyxChild!Reader: Family?

    You wander through Foosha Village, admiring the pretty windmills everywhere. Once you get to the village center your stomach growls. Looking around, you see a place called Partys Bar. Walking in, you see a green haired woman working behind the counter.
    “Hello, my name is Makino. What is yours?” she greets.
    “(name),” you respond. Your stomach decides to voice its opinion also. You blush profusely while Makino laughs.
    “Sounds like someone’s hungry. How about you pop up to the counter and I’ll make you something to eat, ok sweetie?” You say ok, scrambling onto a barstool and setting your sack on the seat next to you. “What’s in your bag?”
    “All of my important treasures.”
    “Really? You sound like a little boy who lives in our village. Si
:iconmunran:MunRan 125 10
New target 7 (ASL x Reader)
  "ACE! HAVE YOU SEEN (Y/N)?" Sabo called up to the older boy, said ebony haired boy look down from the tree he was climbing to stare into Sabo's eyes. Ace shook his head to tell Sabo he had not seen the girl that day, and curiously, he slipped down the tree to join Sabo on the ground.
 "No, why?" Ace asked, almost agitated. Perhaps (Y/n) was sick, and if so, he may need to go take care of her. The Orphanage didn't supply sufficient medical treatment, and so Ace often took (Y/n) to Makino for help. 
 "Can't find her anywhere. Think she is still at the Orphanage?" Sabo asked curiously, Ace's eyes narrowed dangerously as he thought things through. They needed to check on her, to make sure she was not hurt. 
 "We should go check, in case we have to kick someones ass." Ace replied, but soon enough Luffy came racing towards them in a flurry of panic, tears and snot flying in the wind behind him.
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 33 42
Crimson pepper 3(Shanks x Reader)
 Standing amidst the chaos of Marineford was a shadowy silhouette, a figure hidden beneath the cascading fabric of a dark cloak. Wise (e/c) hues gazing upon the battlefield, drinking in the vast sight. Among the many people present on the island, there was one that was very familiar.
 It had been a long time since she had felt that presence, and many years had passed since that day. 
 Glancing towards the source of the presence, she caught sight of a familiar head of crimson locks. She was met with the unfamiliar picture of a tall, lanky and a muscular built man as said man came to the rescue of the brave soldier who stood up to the Admiral. His body falling into a stance that she knew all too well, the nostalgic image of the swift unsheathing of a sword as he blocked the Admiral's attack.
 She hummed in amusement at the sight, ignoring the roar of confused comments and whispers which spread like wildfire among the beings who witnessed the arrival of the
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 60 19
Crimson Pepper 4 (Shanks x Reader)
 "(Y/N)?" Buggy screeched, his eyes all but bugging out of his head at the sight of the girl he had once known. Or rather, at the Beautiful Lady the tomboyish girl had transformed into. He couldn't believe his eyes, in fact, Buggy wasn't sure if this woman was even who she appeared to be.
  (Y/n) was supposed to be dead. Dead as a doornail.
 "OI, QUITE YER' YAPPIN' BIG NOSE!" (Y/n) retorted, nearly snarling at the younger male as she did so. He shrank back at her intimidating tone. 
 Looks like it really was her after all. 
  "It's been a long time since we've seen each other." (Y/n) stated, though the statement was blatantly obvious to the two males before her.
 The look on the red haired man's face twisted in a mixture of sadness and happiness at the words the woman had spoken. His lips quivered and his brows furrowed as he seemingly held back tears, whether th
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 62 13
A fathers love 1 (Child! reader x ?)
 Ace couldn't believe his eyes. When Marco had said there was girl on the ship he had expected...well, he had not expected a pipsqueak to be what he was talking about.
 She was quite the feisty little kid, she had knocked Ace clean off his feet with a surprising fist to the face. Which led to Ace having to tie her up. After all, he really didn't feel like beating up a child barely half his size.
 "I'll kick your ass, I gotta see him!" She barked stubbornly. She was insistent on meeting their captain, for whatever reason she may have had. 
 "Would you quit it already? Pops is sleeping, besides, he doesn't have time to deal with brats like you." Ace retorted, Marco smiled from the chair he was seated in. It had been a long while since he had seen Ace all fired up like this, but then again, the little girl was making Ace's blood boil.
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 107 37
Too Close~ ASL x Sick!Reader *oneshot*

           "Aphew!" You sneeze, covering your face with a tissue. 
           "Was that a sneeze?" Luffy asks, peering into the room where you were wrapped up in blankets with a bad cold.
           "Of course it was dummy," You grumble sickly. You felt like crap, you wanted to go play with the trio, but Ace was being a butt and said he wouldn't play with you while you were sick.
           "That's cute," Sabo comments, peering in as well. You blush and shift, lowering your head with a grumpy frown. "Hey now, don't be like that, I brought some fruit that should make you feel better," He says, coming over with a basket of fruits. He pauses, checking over the fruits. "Actually, I think this one is poisonous...." He mutters, tossing one out the window.
            "Sabo," You whine slightly.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 380 26
Talk To Me pt3~ Luffy x Reader

      Luffy was silent the whole time, following you through the store. You sigh looking around at all the clothes, not finding any that you liked. You rub your cheek looking down. A shirt is help up in front of you and you blink, looking at it and taking it lighting up. "This!" You gasp. You look to Luffy and he looks away casually. 
       "Where did you find it?" You ask happily. He points to a rack that sat away from the others, smiling a bit. You go over looking through the clothes and smiling more. "Nice eye Luffy. I'm surprised." You praise cheerfully. "I'm gonna try them on." You grab the outfit you picked up and go into the changing room happily. 
        Luffy let's himself grin once you're out of sight. He really liked watching you light up like that, it was cute-- He blinks in surprise. He never thought something like that before... You come back out in the clothes smiling
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 109 25
Headaches (Shanks x Introvert Reader)
(Shanks x Introvert Reader)

Author's Notes: Wrote this while drowse so it might not be very good.
And I've noticed there aren't much Shanks x Reader where our favorite, beloved Red Haired Pirate isn't getting drunk. Come on, people! Use some imagination here! ;) So I decided to write a couple. :3 He's one of my top favs of One Piece so it's kinda disappointing that there are -ZERO- with him sober. He's more than just a drunk pirate people :P Enjoy!!

You sigh and pinched the bridge of your nose. You wouldn't mind the loud cheers of the crew if it weren't for the beginning of a headache that was about to pound your forehead with the strength of war. That was the reason you were on this pirate ship in the first place. You're headaches are becoming more and more frequent. And are getting to the point of paralyzing you with pain, sometimes for hours.
You sighed and rub your temples as your mind, for what ever reason, drifted back to a few weeks ago when you got 'hoodwinked
:iconcountrystrata:countrystrata 102 8
Personal Heater (Shanks x Reader)
Personal Heater
"Achoo!" You grumbled to yourself as you tightened the blanket around your shoulders. You never liked the cold. You lived on a warm island. Your tolerance for the cold was zero. If you had known you'd be anchored off a winter island you would have gotten winter clothes at the crews last stop for supplies.
Then you never did expect to be on a pirate ship in the first place.
It was about a month ago when the Red Haired Pirates had made a surprise stop at your home island. Over the years of them stopping by you had come to know them well and got to enjoy their visits. However, Benn Beckman was the you were actually closest to. He was like an older brother to you. This time they weren't the only pirates there. Another group of pirates had stopped at the island and started causing trouble.
You were walking back from the store. You were planning on fixing your favorite pirates dinner. But that got interrupted when the other pirate crew decided to cause trouble. You had just w
:iconcountrystrata:countrystrata 166 8
Shattered Mirrors ASL x Teen! Reader
     "Boys!!!" Cold shivers suddenly ran down the spines of three children, the three brothers pausing in the middle of eating their latest hunt. The group of mountain bandits looked up with confusion evident on their face; a cold sweat began running down the three's forms.
   "I thought you said she wouldn't notice it was missing.."Ace glanced at Sabo.
   "Don't look at me, Luffy is the one who stole it, I said 'maybe' she wouldn't notice..." The two looked to Luffy who began sweating even more, swallowing the bit of meat he had in his mouth giving a nervous laugh.
  "Shishi.... I might have....left a note..."He paled at the leering glare his two brothers gave, all three jumping at the sound of a tree falling with a loud crash near the house. 
  "You dumb ass! Who leaves a note when they steal something!" Ace yelled whacking the rubber boy over the head with his pipe. 
  "Ah! Sabo, Ace hit me!" He he
:icon5anarchy:5Anarchy 244 16
Ace x Reader Baby Steps part 4
"Are you serious? Wait wait wait, Ace, are you sure-yoi?" Marco leaned forward and his weight fell on his two elbows. "Tell me, why do you think that?" Marco inquired, interested in whatever the fireboy was about to say.
"There was this girl... A younger girl... She was the older sister of my brother, Luffy. The three of us were as close as biological siblings. One day, the place many people stayed were set on fire, the nobles did it to "cleanse" it before the Celestial Dragon came. An acquaintance of our caretaker took her to visit a nearby island because she had been acting strange for a while, after the whole fire incident. We didn't expect them to stop by at the island that my sister was on. We were not sure what happened but one of our caretakers saw her being restrained while they were at the port greeting the Celestial Dragon. It was already too late... She-I Urgg..." Taking a shaky breath, Ace calmed down a little as Marco waited patiently for the 17-year-old had to say.
:iconxx-neko-pierrot-xx:Xx-Neko-Pierrot-xX 38 8



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