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Iron Man Purses

Some may recognize the purse on the left, my first Iron Man duct tape purse… But as you notice the one on the right is a new one… I call him Decapitated Tony.

I decided to make the helmet on a whim while teaching my niece new duct tape tricks and such (since I was stuck at my parents-in-law’s anyway). But decapitated Tony just popped into my head as a good idea for a purse. So in the process of making other duct tape stuff, Decapitated Tony was born.

About 5+ hours (I think, maybe more, lost track of time) to make. And I was able to break out my new roll of gold duct tape I bought earlier this week.
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Put them together and you have Limbless Tony.  Morbid, but quite nice.
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haha! wonderful!
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we want the DC's lantern corps...

...when you have time of course.
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lol, I need to finish a thing for mom and if I have enough Green you might get something for Christmas.
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Ah, these are so cool!
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Once more, I want those damned purses and I don't CARRY purses. :/

The Wife has demanded I ask you if you'd make a pair to sell >_>;;;
no-role-model's avatar
I really want to, but I'm not sure if I can... depends, where do you live?
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I live in northern California, currently.
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:S hmmm... O was hoping some where closer to Kansas, where I live, but i'm not sure how out of state shipping works.
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It's pretty easy to do out of state shipping (I used to work for fedex)...I would simply shove the items (wrapped in bubblewrap or other cushioning materials) into one of the USPS "flat rate boxes" and ship to where-ever. To get a quote for shipping (because the person that is buying should definitely pay - I would) you pack the box up, weigh it, and then go to and plug in the information (Zip code to/from, package type, etc) and viola! shipping quote.

>_> Can you tell we're VERY interested?
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Neat idea:D Did you duct-tape over an existing purse, use a homemade frame, or went wild and just put layers of duct tape on?XD
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I pretty much use cardstock as a base, pretty much to shape and give it more of structure and to hold it's shape, cause when working with duct tape for 12 years I know that after time they sag a bit, and I build it up from there. When doing both the purses I used a reference from the internet.
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Nice!!! they finally have gold duct tape??? Where can i find been waiting for it for a long time now.
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Thanks :D

And I just found the Gold at Walmart, and when I was at Michael's I saw that they also had the gold too.
duct-tape-pirate's avatar
SWEEETT!!!!!! next stop Michael's!!!!
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