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Do you have a procrastination habit you want to break? Read on and see if this group can help you.

Here each week you set yourself goals you want to reach, and if within a week you did reach it, you get a gold star. You can get rewards for collecting certain numbers of gold stars. If you set a goal but don't meet it, you get a strike. At 3 strikes, you lose some of your stars.

What goals can I set?
:bulletgreen: Among other things art, writing, homework, cleaning your room - anything you can show us to prove you've reached it. This can be as small as "post a sketch to my scraps", or "post one of my old photos on DA".

What's the timetable?
:bulletgreen: The journal entry summing up the last week's successes and serving as mailbox for the current week's goals goes up each Monday between 8 and 9 pm actual Central European Time. It is strongly recommended that you post your goals within 36 hours of that entry going up. There'll be a reminder sent as PM Wednesday morning. You have 48 hours from that time to leave a goal, and if you don't you'll be considered on break for the week.
:bulletred: The proof that you completed your goal(s) must be submitted before the next weekly journal entry goes up. Official deadline is 8 PM European time, but I usually give a grace period of up to an hour for stragglers.

What if I can't take part because I'm sick, writing finals, having too much to do I can't prove to the group, going on holiday, etc?
:bulletgreen: If you want to take an extended break, please leave a comment or send a message saying so. You won't receive reminders when on extended break.

How many goals can I set? Are there any other rules regarding goals?
:bulletgreen: The submission limit for the group right now is 5 deviations per week.
:bulletred: Once you announced a goal, you can't change it.
:bulletgreen: If you're a bit undecided yet, you can set alternative goals, e.g. "I'll either clean the windows or scrub the oven", and receive a gold star if you meet one of them.
:bulletgreen: If you've set at least one firm goal, you can add one optional goal, e.g. "I will finish an image I promised someone else. I'll also try to make some progress on an image of one of my own characters." In that case you need to meet only your firm goal to get your gold star, but if you meet your optional goal, you can submit it to the group, too.

What's that with the gold stars and strikes exactly?
:bulletgreen: If you meet your goals you set for the week, you get one gold star - one a week, no matter how many goals you set.
:bulletred: If you set goals and didn't meet all of them (excluding optional ones), you get a strike.
:bulletgreen: At certain levels of collected gold stars you can get rewards.
:bulletred: If you get your third strike, your score of gold stars will be reset to the last "reward level".
:bulletgreen: When you reach a multiple of 12 stars, one strike is deleted. If you reach a multiple of 12 with no strikes to your name, you get a "get out of a strike free" mark (an *). If you miss your goal, you will lose it, but not receive a strike. Those do not stack, that is, if you reach another multiple of 12 while having a *, you will not get a second.

You can see members' gold stars and strikes, as well as rewards for gold stars, on The Great Wall

I have more questions...
You can note the group, or leave a comment on this week's journal entry. :)

Weekly Stats

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Hey all,

Sorry for dropping the ball on these journals. I know that ankewehner has been very busy with work and I've been...well, I don't really have an excuse :)

Anyway, I don't think there were any stars from the last time. If there have been, please let me know. I won't add any strikes either.

If you'd like to leave a goal to complete by September 25th, please leave a comment.

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LucyRanelle Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Student General Artist
LucyRanelle Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Student General Artist
Somhow the submission of this deviantation soesn´t work.  
ankewehner Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, I see now. When you submit something to Scrps, you can't pick a group while submitting. You CAN submit it after it is public. Just go to the Deviation page, and in the bar on the right (below the "More from DeviantAr" block) there's a button "Add to a Group" :)
readingfriendswork Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
Hi, not sure if I'm doing this right. This is Sheryn/Zara  and my gol is to get in either about an hour a day or 5k a week of writing