Rules For Submission..Please read carefully.

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Deviation Actions



Dear friends, lately our galley got totally unrelated deviations so here are fields we cover and the rules that we have, just to make all clear to you.

Please read carefully because any deviation found, out of these rules and guidelines, will be DECLINED.


What is NMI?

No-More-Ignorance is a group of artists who share their thoughts, ideas & passions to struggle against War, Propaganda & Human Rights Violations everywhere in the world. carefully

What Field is NMI Covering?

1- Human rights violations,
Child labour
Illegal detention facilities
Refugees / Displaced people

2- War
submissions for (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc)
Mass-destruction weapons
Alliances and Organisations (NATO, UN etc)
Massacres / Genocides

3- Occupation
Israeli Occupation (Palestine, Lebanon, Syria)
USA’s Occupation (Afghanistan, Iraq)

4- Propaganda/Media
Media spread lies about certain topics
Media controlling minds
Corporate Propaganda

5- Save the Earth
Global Warming
Featuring against-environment actions
Self-harm (Smoking and suicide, etc )

6- Poverty and Capitalism
Poverty / Famines / Homelessness
Capitalism / Globalisation / Consumerism
Corporate powers / Banking systems / Currency

7- Resist to Exist
Support resisting against occupation

Submission Rules & Guidelines

1- You can always note us with your suggestions to feature ‘Very-Strong-Messaged’ artworks, as well as political cartoons, quotes, videos, and music.

2- Submissions that are badly mentioning, or featuring any religion or believe, will be automatically declined (any submission that may mis-talk/insult Judaism,Christianity, Islam etc will be declined. this goes for symbols and traditions that representing these religions as well)*.

3- Sex-related submissions are not accepted, even submissions that related to homosexuals rights. Nudity is prevented as well.

4- Your submission has to go with fields mentioned and to fit in one of the folders listed in the gallery. Random submission will be automatically declined.

5- ‘Featured Folder’, will be closed for members, only opened for co-founders & moderators to feature the best artworks. The same goes with ‘Projects’ which will be only for the ones done by this group.

6- If you don’t know which folder better fits your submission you can note the group and one of the admins will assist you.
* David Star is out, as its a symbol of Zionism as a political movement beside Judaism as a religion. However if the admin sees using it in the artwork is reflecting on Judaism rather than Zionism, then its declined.

Finally, Thank you for your submissions and support..

© 2011 - 2021 No-More-Ignorance
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marsmettn473a's avatar

Tuesday, November 01, 2016 at 7:09 AM EDT

No More Ignorance  ... got it noted 


Free Speech is the real target, ...flags, monuments are just detours along the way.


•  You Write What You Are Told !! - September 2015by marsmettn473a…

Currently, FSU designates "free speech zones" within less than one-percent of campus.

Students gathered petitions during today's rally.

FSU policy requires students to get approved permits to hold events outside of the designated free speech zones.


•  yotube video  ...  Miss T & The MaD Tubes - Messed Up Living  ...  03:06 minutes  ...…


Sensational song by Miss T & The MAD TUBES - Messed Up Living


•  Flickr marsmet492  ...  marsmettnn tallahassee  ...…


Savoir et Pouvoir


Vive la France !!!


marsmettn473a in florida...


shalom / tschüss

victauron's avatar
You wouldn't accept contest entires would you? 
Quadraro's avatar
no problem if it is in relation with the group
wwwarea's avatar
To be honest, rule number 3 by labeling Homosexual rights with porn is incorrect (Nothing wrong with porn though, just saying) and hiding them is a ignorance move..

If it was there to not be sure of the legally, then I think it's clearly legal because it's always in the news and stuff, and many other things. It's just a fight for future rights of something that can be in private or something.

I would strongly suggest to remove the rights restriction/censorship at least. I would allow it if I made a group this way. ;)

Of course, this is your group, just suggesting. It would be nice for everyone in my thoughts.
Quadraro's avatar
thank for suggestion, but we do not change for be nice to everyone ;)
wwwarea's avatar
Well, it would be better if it would. More people would of come and truly think this would be a "No more ignorance" group. Since it's not 100 % like that at the moment because of some things I think.

Of course, I'm just adding thoughts here, for possibilities someday I guess. ; P
Rozrr's avatar
I am happy with most of this apart from Global Warming. It has been well proven now that this is not happening and that it has been a massive commercial scam. We are in fact in a period of global cooling, that will last some time. This is not caused by people it is caused by the fact that the poles are starting to shift. The rate is the Northern hemisphere is moving at 40 miles a year and the South just 3 miles per year.

This will take up to 5,000 years to complete.

I can prove this. I have a digital compass that has been designed to show both True North and Magnetic North. [link] No matter how much calibration is done, it cannot find North at all. I have it on good authority that this type of compass has always been very reliable... [link]

My daughter lives in Southern Ireland and they have never had cold weather like the last 2 Winters. Snow is unheard of. However this year they had snow, terrible ice too. The jet stream is now flowing directly to Northern Spain and Portugal, completely missing Ireland.

There are also a great many other scientific details easily available with a simple Google Search that proves that we have no global warming. Some pollution form carbon monoxide. Carbon Dioxide however is a vital part of the atmosphere we need to breathe and grow food. Any reduction will devastate the oxygen/food we need to survive.

The lies brought about by the corrupt media make the general public feel responsible and humanity is now blaming itself for things that are none of their fault.

Sorry this is a bit of a blog in itself.
CindarellaPop's avatar
I get the nudity thing but why ban art related to gay civil rights? That's a pretty big issue, considering you can still be stoned to death over it in a lot of places.
bsienk's avatar
I agree. "No more ignorance"? Right...
Rozrr's avatar
Sorry this avatar can cause migraines and seizures.
CindarellaPop's avatar
Only if you stare directly into it for extended periods of time.
Rozrr's avatar
No sorry. I think they were banned on here a few years ago...It is nothing to do with staring at it. Flashing like this affects the alpha rhythms in the brain. It is also very distracting when you are trying to look at something or read any messages.

I used to have a flashing one, and was politely asked to remove it...
CindarellaPop's avatar
Considering I've chatted to many higher-ups with my flashing unicorn on display right there on the screen, and never once has one of them asked me to remove it, I don't think that this rule actually still stands anymore.
Rozrr's avatar
Well as long as no-one has a fit from it. Right now I am looking at my keyboard and this thing is flashing and I can't concentrate for it. Look at what others have. I have been here nearly 6 years and everyone who has these flashing things have eventually removed them. Please consider others carefully.

Thank you.
CindarellaPop's avatar
You can hit the 'escape' key to make animations stop moving. It works pretty good.
alshaimaa's avatar
We have lots of people that involved and helped us to be big like we are now. We concern about gays rights. But unfortunately our internal discussion always ended deadlock about that matter. So to keep the project going, we choosed not to get involved with the topic.
Sorry if my reply didn't satisfy you, but we are a group and have to keep solid.
AleissaStormwind's avatar
Afraid you wouldn't get that much support if you discussed gay people?
CindarellaPop's avatar
I guess I was just hoping a group that wanted to help would come to a solid standpoint on the side that actually FURTHERS gay rights instead of just banning them because they're scared of arguments.
Quadraro's avatar
sorry for late reply again.. we don't ban anything dear :)
but if the request it's like an imposition, we're not here to discuss it unnecessarily,
trying to expose what they believe without any problems, people with a social conscience will answer you without any problem :peace:
CindarellaPop's avatar
That reply makes very little grammatical sense, nor does it dispel my worries about the group disallowing gay-rights submissions out of fear of arguments. I can understand a genuine fear of getting shut down or harmed, but a fear of internet arguments? Really? It seems cowardly and contrary to what this sort of group "should" be about.
Quadraro's avatar
sorry dear but I just give you a positive input of what can I do.. ;)
if you attack me on what I don't really wanna argue... excuse me for my eng grammar...
but please talk to me gently and I make the same things ;)
and rudeness of superfluous things I do not care to discuss here and on the Internet in general :peace:
CindarellaPop's avatar
I'm not attacking you, I'm just saying that if you really want to "fight ignorance", you're going to have to quit being afraid of dumb things like arguments, that can't really hurt you anyways, instead of kow-towing to the ignorant people. By banning gay-rights submissions, you're letting the ignorant people "win." It's counter productive to your group.
Quadraro's avatar
reply one time again, I don't know how is the problem, I ask you to submit what you want,
don't argue again with other "trolling" comment, thank you.

submit what you want, nothing else, show me ;)
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