Finished.. and Judges started their work..:))

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Now it's finished..
Judges now start their work..
Wishing luck for everyone..:work:

NMI's Second Contest Started.. A "Censorship Theme"

Its supposed that The Internet has evolved to become an increasingly important platform for advocates who wish to express their opinion freely and to work toward the development of democracy.
It's a medium that provided opportunities for everyone to participate, discuss and debate issues that concern them. Unlike other media where the information flow is unidirectional - from the government to the masses - the Internet allowed a multi-way communication process giving the chance for anybody to air their opinions and views on issues affecting them.

But now, things didn't seem to go that smoothly.. as, websites turned to enjoy the so called "Internet Censorship", according to their own rules, opinions, and decisions.

In this contest, We're asking for artworks works with "Censorship" theme...Artworks that expresses our refusal to these actions.. asks for a complete freedom of expression within our profiles, blogs and websites.
the Logo featured could be found @…

:spotlight-left:This Contest is dedicated to BenHeine:spotlight-right:
He is our guest of honour For this contest.

So if you like Bens work, then please spread the word!

If you feel strongly about internet censorship, then please spread the word!

:boing: Entries we Got till Now..  :boing:

Mature Content

Censorship by SchubertLab



Country of The Blood by Norega-eragon369

:thumb120311997: No Silence by pzUH


Censorship by tzarshame :thumb120220580:

Censorship Sux by reddartfrog

Mature Content

Inquisitor Fella by orcbruto
NoMoreIgnorance Consest Entry by rcsi1


:thumb115344218: :thumb82728202:

Censorship by Blue-Whisper

We think You dont wanna c this by Grincevan :thumb109879091:

Breaking Restrictions by MahdyDesigns

Writer's block pencil by FlavrSavr censorship by racuntikus

Non-DA Member's Artworks

Check Full size artworks @ Ben's blog,…

Contest's Guidelines

:pointr::bulletred:* Anyone can participate! no matter being a NMI's member or not..

:pointr::bulletred:* No any special specifications for Artworks submitted, You could submit a painting, digital graphic designs, photographs, even poetry is accepted.

:pointr::bulletred:* The contest will last for Three weeks, Dead line for receiving artworks will be 29 April 09.

:pointr::bulletred:* Artworks will be submitted within your page,  and Plz send us the artwork's link in a note entitled with Contest.

:pointr::bulletred:* Everyone is allowed to submit Just ONE artwork.

:pointr::bulletred:* This link got awesome Censorship's quotes… , It may help you get an idea..

:pointr::bulletred:* The artwork has to be a Leftcopy one -with your signature on it-. It's not like we're asking to permission to steal your art, but the winner's artwork will be a symbol for protesting against Censorship, and members are allowed to re-submit it [With a credit to the owner artist of course]

:pointr::bulletred:* Contest Winners Announcement will be:6 May 09...

:pointr::bulletred:* Judges will be

:iconsimoneyvette:, :icondoublecrash:, :icon100-days:, & :iconno-more-ignorance:

:pointr::bulletred:*The Prizes

First Place:
  • :boing: 1Year subscription from ---> :iconsimoneyvette:
  • :boing: Using his/her artwork as our Certified symbol of Censorship...
  • :boing: A stamp presented from ---> :iconmaylar:..
  • :boing: Featured at our page as a special member...
  • :boing: Featured at  :iconsimoneyvette: & :icongothic-nyu: Journals...

Second Place:
  • :boing: 6 Mons subscription from ---> :icondoublecrash: & :icon100-days: [Three mons each]
  • :boing: Featured at our page as a special member...
  • :boing: Featured at  :iconsimoneyvette: & :icongothic-nyu: Journals...

Third Place:
  • :boing: 3 Mons subscription from ---> :iconno-more-ignorance:
  • :boing: Featured at our page as a special member...
  • :boing: Featured at  :iconsimoneyvette: & :icongothic-nyu: Journals...

Non-DA Memebers
  • :boing:
    • :boing: Submiting the artwork in our Gallery...

    • Featuring him , his artworks, and his website/blog in our Journal..

***Donations for prizes are very welcomed, it could be anything you're willing to present, A drawing, subs, stamps, a book, Music album, Featuring in Journal/blog/website..etc.

PlZ, Participate in this contest, Invite your friends to, feature it in your Journal... Its our right to have the freedom of expression.. and no one have the right to eliminate this right in any Way.

and always remember, United we Stand, Divided We Fall..

Thank you simoneyvette, Doublecrash, 100-days, & indikat for helping coming up with this contest..:rose:

Waiting for eveyone's submissions...Hurry up guys.. :w00t:

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starom's avatar
Best of look to all of the entrants :) They're all incredible pieces!
No-More-Ignorance's avatar
Yeah.. and its really too hard to choose..:faint:
starom's avatar
I can imagine! They're all really excellent pieces :)
Norega-eragon369's avatar
Good luck to everyone :)
CapnJon's avatar
Sorry I didn't enter in time...I lost my muse a while ago, and I can't seem to get it back
No-More-Ignorance's avatar
Sorry for that..
There'll be a next time contest for sure..:aww;
aullya's avatar
hiks i probably can't make it due to other deadine >_> but i'm trying
elmouna's avatar
why the deviations aren't added in order of their submission to the club contest? :invisible:
No-More-Ignorance's avatar
the newest added at the top.. so everyone re-visit the journal, will easily find them..:)
Grincevan's avatar
Just wondering , why cant i click on the "non-NMI members" art for the conetest ?
Or is it just me.
No-More-Ignorance's avatar
Cause it was added by codes up there..:P
You could visit Ben's page for bigger size.. [link] :)
Grincevan's avatar
AFZ-STYLE's avatar
lovely works so far.. all the best for u guys, am kind busy at the time :p
No-More-Ignorance's avatar
Humm.. sorry for that..:(
But anyway, if you could send any before the dead line, it will be great..:)
AFZ-STYLE's avatar
:) sure i would if i ever find enough time to do so
CapnJon's avatar
CapnJon's avatar
Sadly I don't think I have any posters...
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