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Touch MEme by no-guy Touch MEme by no-guy
I was working on Boy and Girl all week, plus I'm are my parents house and my computer won't connect to the WIFI here, so I haven't been able to upload anything ;w; more BnG soon.

So I found this thing called the Touch Meme while bouncing around and stuff( so far two people I watch did it and I'm like ooh cool y'know ) so I did it with Kaple.

"sCREAM" of course is places you are NOT allowed to touch, "there better be a good reason" reasons are things like a bug being there and you're smacking it off, or you need to grab him out of the way, or you're a cop and you need to rough house him. I donno. "okay" is generally places he doesn't care one way or the other, "Purr<3" is places he will seek touch for one reason or another. Finally, "hnnn <3 <3 <3 <3" is his lovelove spots, like touch here and get the full happy puppy reaction, tail wagging, purring, whining, leaning into it pretty hard. 
Generally Kaple will not stand to have his horns or tail touched, ever, doesn't matter who you are. Touch them and you'll get mURDERED. His belly button is also like that but generally the only lets his mate in that area anyway so. He also isn't a fan of having his elbows and knees touched, more so because that shit feels weird. Like crazy weird, to mess with that loose skin there. Just uRGHK.

As for the top of his head, thats the best freaking way to praise him. Give him some pets and pats there and he know's he done good. He's a little iffy about his bangs but thats because he's like a teenager and he already spends 40 minute trying to get that looking right so don't mess it up.
I included three places on his back side in little bubbles there. If you can't tell they're "Back of neck", "Back", and "Booty <3". His back is generally a okay place to touch but dONT GO FOR THE BACK OF THE NECK THATS A NO NO PLACE. Thats a place for his mate and his mate only. That and his wiener.

Strangers cannot touch him, like he gets really upset and growls and pulls away pretty hard. Friends/coworkers are generally people he needs to interact with out of need. So he needs to allow certain coworkers to touch him so he lets up his guard and such. BFF is actually Bek, so this is how his reference of touch goes for her. He knows Bek is a very touchy-feely person and needs touch to feel happy/safe so hes very leneant on it, for the most part( which explains why he's okay with a booty touch from her ). I wasn't thinking of anyone in particular for Mate, but basically this is his romantic and sexual partner, and for the most part he really, really likes his mate to touch him. This range of touch can change depending on his individual partner, like he'd be more okay with certain places or not trust his mate with those places( for example, his belly button is a no no place so that could mean he doesn't trust his mate touching in there for some reason, like he know's his mate would abuse it and just tickle him or something. )

No tunes because I have no music on my computer and can't get to the internet so.

Over the course of the week I will prolly post a lot of Boy and Girl, I have a lot of backgrounds and concept done or started. I might wait until the end of the week to post it all and take a break Saturday to go visit family while I'm down her. I got two months this summer so I got lots of time to kill. Clap 

Bek 2015


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June 1, 2015
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